27 Awesomely Fun Kids Winter Activity Ideas!

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy winter with kids, you’ve come to the right place! I know it can be especially hard with little kids, so I hope this list can help! It’s a good combo of indoor and outdoor activities because there are some days that are just a different kind of cold – windy, chilling to the bone, and just not as pleasant to be in. It’s so important to avoid cabin fever – I know for the first month or two of winter I absolutely dread … Read more

DIY Beautiful Star Mini Tree Topper

diy min star tree topper

If you have a mini tree in your home or office and want to make a beautiful topper for it, then you’ll love todays DIY mini star tree topper idea! My husband recently bought a mini tree for my office (I do spend alot of time in here after all!) and it’s become the testing ground for alot of my DIY ornaments. However, I feel like I needed it to be complete by having a topper. Now, what kind of crafter would I be if I went out and just … Read more

DIY Glittery Blippi Christmas Ornament (Your Little Kids Will Love it!)

If you have kids who scream Blippi anytime the TV goes on, then you have to make this beautiful DIY Blippi Christmas ornament! Trust me, if they have even a tenth of the reaction mine did, it will be well worth it to see their favorite person on the tree this year! I recently got SUPER into modge podge, and with Christmas around the corner, I’ve just been crazy busy doing projects using it! Photo transfers, window clings, sealing crafts… anyways, I had just made a fabric Santa ornament when … Read more

Easy Modge Podge Photo Transfer Fabric Christmas Ornament (Santa on Skis!)

If you have an ornament in mind, but no one seems to make it… make one yourself using modge podge photo transfer with your favorite printed picture! I have been doing ALOT with Modge Podge lately (it’s freaking magical!) and with Christmas on the way, there’s an infinite amount of projects! I’ve been doing a project and article a day, though I’m sure that will slow down… but who knows! Anyways, I wanted a special Santa ornament that had Santa wearing skis (we’re a skiing family!) but couldn’t find anything … Read more

DIY Christmas Window Clings Using Modge Podge

diy window clings

If you’ve ever wanted your own set of window clings (or just wanted to DIY them for fun with the kiddos!) then you’ll love this DIY window cling tutorial! I recently became a fan of modge podge ( I have five different types now!) and have been exploring all the cool stuff you can do with them – one of which is making window clings! I had some left over scraps from something else, and when I tried to get them off the counter… they stuck! I thought it was … Read more

19 FREE Christmas Camping Printables (Wall Art, Cards and Tags!)

christmas camping printable decor free

Updated December 4th, 2023 If you love vintage looking camping paired with beautiful Christmas quotes, then you’ll love this set of 19 Camping themed Christmas printables! In searching for some new camping themed wall art, I kept happening upon that darn red truck! I know it’s super cool, but I really had a hard time finding much else in designs that were what I wanted (equally vintage looking campers!). I wanted the look, but couldn’t find any images I loved that I could purchase to make a card… so I … Read more

DIY Camping Tent Christmas Tree Ornament [Free PDF Template]

diy tent ornament

If you love that rustic, homemade look for your tree, then you’ll love to add this adorable DIY festive tent ornament! Before the kids came, I used to make close members of my family a felt/felted ornament each year that fit their personality or hobbies. For example, my uncle got a duck and my mother in law got a set of chickens! I, unfortunately, fell out of it as the kids came (time seems to go away, doesn’t it??) Four years later though, here I am with a felt ornament! … Read more

29 Fun Camping Christmas Ornaments + Decor!

up close of xmas tree

If you love camping, then you’ll probably want to celebrate that love all year long… and when it comes to the holidays, that means camping themed Christmas ornaments! I LOOOOVVVEE Christmas time – there’s just something about the season that puts everyone in a good mood! Unfortunately where we live (Wyoming) the winters are pretty stinkin’ harsh… I’m talking as low as -20 F. I’m sure some determined people could make it work, but with three little kids, we like to sit in front of the fire at home and … Read more

DIY Camping Christmas Wine Bottle Ornament [Free Labels!]

diy camping christmas ornament wine bottle

If you love camping and you love wine, then you’ll love this really easy DIY Christmas Camp Themed Wine Bottle ornament! We have a wine bottle ornament we bought when we got married (and had time to drink ALOT more wine) and it’s just the cutest thing – I wanted to make an update though with out current hobbies (camping AND wine!) I was thinking of just buying another one and making my own label, but then I noticed that those little alcohol shooters (you know, the party size vodka … Read more

17 Essential Products To Winter RV Living (Without Freezing!) in 2023

rv skirts for winter you can buy on amazon

Updated November 20th 2023 With summer coming to an end, we’ve been thinking pretty hard about figuring out winter RV living to extend our camping season. It’s no joke that it’s a bit harder in the cold weather, and we wonder if it’s worth it with our two youngest still struggling to walk in the snow. But I DO know that many of you might be interested, so I did some digging! My mother-in-law has a long commute that’s fine during summer. But during winter, things like avalanches can cause … Read more