29 Fun Camping Christmas Ornaments + Decor!

If you love camping, then you’ll probably want to celebrate that love all year long… and when it comes to the holidays, that means camping themed Christmas ornaments!

I LOOOOVVVEE Christmas time – there’s just something about the season that puts everyone in a good mood! Unfortunately where we live (Wyoming) the winters are pretty stinkin’ harsh… I’m talking as low as -20 F.

I’m sure some determined people could make it work, but with three little kids, we like to sit in front of the fire at home and just reminisce about past camp trips… and plan next springs!

You’ll be sure though to find atleast a couple camping themed ornaments and decor sprinkled through out, especially on our tree!

Here are some of the cutest things I’ve found – I hope they inspire you to keep camping in your life all year long!

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camping themed christmas tree ornaments

Fun Christmas Themed Camping Ornaments!

Camping Themed Christmas Ornaments and Decor!

If you want to celebrate camping all year long, then check out these awesome camp themed Christmas ornaments and decorations!

Santa Camping Ornaments

The following ornaments all have the same thing in common - they got Santa, and he's enjoying a camp trip (or bringing presents to a camper!)

Get one of these for the kiddo that insists Santa can't come to your RV because there's no chimney... he is magic!

RV, Tent and Trailer Themed Camping Ornaments

No Santa, but still plenty of holiday fun are on these ones! Christmas trees, lights, and festive colors all contribute to that holiday vibe!

Campfire Ornaments!

There's something magical about sitting around the campfire at the end of the night, just like there is about the holiday season... get the best of both worlds with these cute campfire themed Christmas ornaments!

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S'more Ornaments!

S'mores are obviously a favorite when it comes to camping, especially if you camp with kids! This section is everything s'mores and marshmallows, so I bet you'll find the perfect s'more ornament in this section!

Christmas Lights for a Camping Themed Tree!

This section is for lights on the tree - whether you're into a cabin-y, rustic look or a fun camp theme, one of these strings lights are for you!

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