Valentine Kid’s Dinosaur BINGO + Activity Set – Perfect for Preschoolers! [Printable]

With my son in preschool now, I’m really starting to see what he needs practice with, and the kinds of activities he responds to!

It’s been fun, but also surprising at times. I had NO ideas how much preschoolers are supposed to learn! I suppose I just never bothered to teach him because it never crossed my mind… 

Basic skills such as being able to hold a pencil and trace a line, having the fine motor muscles tuned in to things like operating scissors, and even just paying attention and matching in games like BINGO are all things preschoolers need to do!

My son (and MANY!) love dinos, so I wanted to make something special for this valentines day! 

fun printable valentines bingo for kids and preschoolers

Here comes the Valentine Kids Dinosaur Activity Pack!

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Here’s what you’ll get

dinosaur themed preschool activities valentines
Pick up your fun Valentine Kids BINGO cards and some more fun preschool dino themed activities!

Kids Valentine Dino BINGO Set

With preschoolers in mind, I did drop the amount of boxes from 25 to 20 to accomodate shorter than normal attention spans!

There are four different cards as well as an optional calling card set that has larger images that would be easy to show the class / kids what has been called.

You could alternatively turn this into a matching game, and just print out two cards. Cut one up and let your preschooler get some pasting practice as they match up each card!

dinosaur themed valentine bingo card for kids
Kids will love to match and paste these cute valentine dinos in this modified BINGO card! Feel free to still use it as intended should you be using this for older kids!

BONUS: Dinosaur themed cutting cards and line practice cards for preschoolers!

I know my guy REALLY struggles with this – he has a hard time understanding to just follow the line, and he hasn’t really ever held scissors until.. well 2 months ago when he started his school!

I did buy him a preschool activity book, but the beginner section was really short and he needed more practice than was given!

I love this activity sheet because it’s a two in one – do the line practice first, then you can cut it into strips and give it to your preschooler and tell them to cut on the dotted line!

cutting and tracing practice free worksheets dino themed for preschoolers
Have your preschooler trace the lines, then cut the strips and get scissor practice by cutting along the dotted line!

This is another  fun activity designed to help your preschooler master these two skills! 

BONUS: Dino Shape Matching Activity for Preschoolers!

Again, another activity that all preschoolers should practice with! 

Make learning the basic shapes fun and easy with this dino themed matching set!

You  can either cut the shapes out provided, or buy this 1000+ set of foam sticker shapes and practice even more skills!

The fine motor skills needed to peel the backing off the sticker will help keep their attention, and as we all know, all kids love stickers!

This might have been my guys FAVORITE activity!!!

Again, I HIGHLY encourage buying that massive foam sticker shape set! It’s pretty cheap for all the shape practice you can get out of it!

shape practice worksheet for preschoolers dino themed
You coooullld just cut and paste paper.. but I highly encourage getting this 1000+ set of foam shapes that can be used for an awesome variety of shape practice.. like this dino shape match one!

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