The 15 BEST Kids Camping Chairs (Babies and Toddlers Too!) of 2020

These kids camping chairs are not only adorable but functional too!

If you’ve been camping with your kids, or are planning your first kid camping trip, you’re probably aware of that camping staple everyone loves to relax in – a camping chair!

I’ve had a couple, and I have different ones I like for different situations. Shaded ones, ones with trays, bare bones ones, or super deluxe camp chairs I use for our campsite.

Naturally, my toddler wants to do what I do and have his own camp chair!

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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking a kids camp chair!

Do you want a tray for their food?

A shaded camp chair?

A basic camp chair so that it’s smaller and saves space?

A super comfy camp chair in hopes it will make them sit longer (LOL!)

Or maybe you want to make sure your kid loves camping so you want a cute camp chair with their favorite character on it!

the best toddler camping chairs for 2019

Regardless, I kind of obsess over cute camping thing, especially when it comes to kids.

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For your convenience, I’ve organized them by what kind of camp chair they are!

Kids camping chairs that are functional but awesome!

There are a ton of kids camping chairs out there from the basic to the deluxe (kids have SHADED canopy chairs?!?!) so check out this list of the best kids camping chairs of 2020!

Basic Folding Kids Camping Chair

Kids don’t need much to be happy camping, and sometimes it’s nice to get the basics so it doesn’t get ruined with all the crazy camp horse play! Here are some of the best basic folding kids camp chairs!

Ozark Trail Kid’s Folding Camp Chair (S’mores Design!)

ozark trail kids' folding camp chair
  • Made of steel and polyester, this cute kids camp chair
  • Can hold up to 125 pounds!

See it on Amazon now!

Coleman Kids Quad Chair

coleman kids quad chair for camping
  • Glow in the dark design for fun camping at night
  • Locking steel frame and lower seat
  • Supports up to 160 pounds
See it on Amazon now!

Coleman Double Quad Low Camp Chair (Kids double camping chair!)

kids or toddler double camping chair
  • Low profile makes this perfect for plenty of kids to use since it’s much harder to tip
  • Can fit 2 large adults or around 3 to 4 kids (depending on age of course!)
  • 225 pounds per seat weight limit

See it on Amazon now!

Don’t forget to make your camp trip with your toddler AWESOME by preparing for fun with this camping planner!

Camping with your toddler can seem pretty intimidating at first – but after doing it with my 3 kids now, I’ve got it down pretty good and want to help you have an awesome time too!

Check out this free camping planner that includes

  • Camping Checklist for making sure you pack everything!
  • An activity planner to beat boredom at the campground
  • A 4 day meal planner + shopping list so everyone stays happy and full!
  • An easy guide to picking a campground to ensure the safest and funnest camping experience for your baby or older children!
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  • 3 crafts and activities to making camping with your baby even more fun!

I wanted to let you know that I am an Amazon and Etsy affiliate and will get a very small cut if you purchase anything through these links. But these items are all awesome so don’t worry! More info about this is here

Cute Toddler Camping Chairs!

I’m a sucker for cute designs!

Yes, I’m the person who often chooses beer or wine based upon the coolness of the label!

Anyways, these make cute gifts – especially if you know a kid who will love the design on the chair!

P.S. Find out everything else you need (once you pick out your perfect chair of course!) to camp with a toddler, and actually really enjoy it!

Melissa and Doug Butterfly Kids Camp Chair

This is absolutely adorable, and my twins will likely get a pair of these for Christmas since next camping season they will be able to use them!

butterfly camp chair for toddlers
 This folding kid chair is sturdy and cute at the same time!

Melissa and Doug Octopus Camp Chair for Toddlers!

While this is marketed as a beach chair, it could also be used as a camping chair! I know my boy would love this cute chair!

beach or camping chair for toddlers
 This cute toddler octopus chair is perfect for a lake camp trip!

Wilcor Kids Black Bear Camp Chair

Bears are sort of a part of camping – bear safety, bear stories etc (oh the ridiculous amount of bear stories when camping with my kiddo!) so this is a perfect first camping chair for your toddler!

best toddler camping chair with a bear
 This cute bear chair has to be one of the best kids camping chair designs!
  Top pick! See it on Amazon now!

Paw Patrol Foldable Toddler Chair

While my guy is Team Daniel Tiger, I know plenty of toddlers who go bonkers over Paw Patrol! Get them hyped about camping with their very own piece of it to take with them!

paw patrol beach camp chair for toddlers
 What better way to get your kid excited for a camp trip than his own Paw Patrol Chair!!

Basic Toddler Folding Camp Chairs

These chairs are great if you are limited on space, such as when you’re tent camping or car camping! Or maybe if you’re just worried your kid will wreck them and don’t want to spend too much!

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Coleman Kids Quad Chair

I mentioned this chair earlier, however I wanted to mention it again because it comes so highly recommended!

This chair is great because it has a locking mechanism that prevents the chair from closing if it gets tipped over or sat on wrong. The little firefly in the corner also glows in the dark!

safe kids camping chair from coleman
 This Coleman kids camping chair is extra safe because it has a locking mechanism that keeps the chair from collapsing. The firefly also glows!

Lucky Bums Folding Arm Chair

This comes in pink and blue, and the mesh is awesome for hot summer days! This chair is lightweight and perfect if you are doing a little hiking to your camp destination!

ventilated camp chair for toddlers youth lucky buns
The vent all along the back of this camp chair is perfect for hot summer days and keeping kids cool!
Top pick! See it on Amazon now!

Shaded Canopy Camping Chairs for Kids (Toddler and older!)

If you are short on space, these are a great idea!

We always bring a shade tent, so having a canopy camping chair isn’t super important, but it might be nice if you’re camping near the lake or beach!

Paw Patrol Shaded Canopy Camping Chair For Kids

This is a GIANT shade which will be great for hot summer days! I love that the canopy is the actual bag to transport it in so that it won’t get lost (like 90% of mine are!)

shaded kids camp chair
 This is seriously the best idea for a camp chair! Make the canopy the bag so that you never lose it!
Top pick! See it on Amazon now!

Redmond Kids Umbrella Camp Chair

While not your typical toddler camping chair, it is pretty useful that the umbrella part can come off and be used wherever you need it!

umbrella chair for toddlers
 The umbrella comes off this camp chair so that you can put it wherever your toddler is playing!

Best Baby Portable Highchairs for Camping

If you’re eager to get out camping with your baby, then check out highest rated ones include the “Go With Me Chair” “Ciao Baby” and “Summer Infant” and include the following

They are portable, lightweight, and often clean easy after a day of sticky hands and dirt!

We have two of these – this one though is by far the best!

good portable baby highchairs for camping
 The baby camping highchair onthe left is the “Ciao Baby” and the one on the right is the “Summer Infant” brand. I MUCH prefer the one on the right!

“Go With Me” Portable Baby Camping High Chair!

This is a great investment you can make when it comes to camping or portable chairs! You can modify to fit every stage, from a baby that can’t even sit yet, to a 6 year old child! It’s also only 7 pounds, and has a canopy!

the best baby camping chair
 This is a great investment you can make for a baby camping chair! It can fit your baby (through included modifications) up to 6 years old!
  Top pick! See it on Amazon now!

Ciao Baby Portable Camping Highchair

This highchair is made from a really durable tarp material, and the tray portion is thick plastic that is easy to wipe off after use!

It folds to the size of a camp chair and has a nice safety restraint system!

lightweight camping highchair for baby
 This is a basic portable baby highchair that cleans up easy, has a cup holder for snacks or a drink, and transports easy!

Summer Infant Portable Baby Camping Highchair

A favorite camping highchair for babies!

The tray is solid so that food won’t all slide off, and it swings to the side to make taking your baby in and out really easy!

I also love the wide base of the legs becuase most campgrounds aren’t level, so in my expereince this has made the highchair way more stable than other camping highchairs!

lightweight baby camping chair
 The tray on this highchair is solid so that food doesn’t fall off, and it swings up so that it’s easy to get your baby in and out!

Portable Baby Jumpers for Camping

These can double as a highchair, and babies love them! You can also use them for around the house – I know I used mine just to keep the babies in sight while I did things like dishes and laundry!

how to camp with babies and keep them entertained
 These camping baby bouncers are another easy to pack item that are so worth it! To double their usefulness, pair it with some “suckies” (a netted thing you put fruit in for babies to suck on) and you have a happy baby for atleast half an hour!

Summer Infant Pop N Jump Portable Activity Center

This is what I have, and I ABSOLUTELY loved it! It has tons of fun toys, the babies love to jump in it, and it’s really easy to wipe down. As a bonus, it also has a shade that is easy to set up! My babies are over a year and still enjoying this jumper when we camp!

best portable baby jumper activity center for camping
 I have this portable camping baby jumper and LOVE IT! My babies have been in it from the time they could hold their head up to over a year now!
Top pick! See it on Amazon now!

KidCo GoPod

I love the simplicity of this one and the fact that it has extra loops to add your baby’s own special toys for us while camping!

go pod for camping with baby
 The go pod is nice and simple, and includes hooks to attach your baby’s favorite toys to!

Travel Booster Seats for Camper and RV use

If you have a small camper like we do, you know the value of space! While you could use the highchairs in the camper, most people only have a hallway to walk through, and don’t want to take up that space.

With a compact booster seat, you can put it on the bench of the dining area of your camper!

This was really important to us, since mornings are all about getting food cooked and everyone dressed.

With 3 under 3, that meant keeping the kids contained and out of the way while we got everything ready for the day!

Summer Infant Pop N Sit Portable Booster

I really like how small this folds up and that it comes with a nice carrying case! It could also be used outside on the campground since it seems fairly stable!

portable booster seat for babies in RVs or at campground
 This portable booster seat is perfect for RV bench seats or just a friend’s house!

Summer Infant Deluxe Fold Flat Booster Seat

This is the one we have in our little pull behind camper!

The tray is dishwasher safe, and the restraint system works well to keep babies in!

This booster seat fits perfect in our RV dinette area, and fold flat for easy storage when we don’t need it!

best booster seat for rv use
 This chair was Amazon’s Best Choice of highchair booster seats – we have it, and we agree!
Top pick! See it on Amazon now!

With the best camping gear for your baby and toddlers, your trip can be SO much easier!

I can’t even begin to explain how much we’ve learned that having the best outdoor gear when camping with your babies or toddlers is worth the money!

Babies that are secured and able to eat on their own (without you having to hold them the whole time) in their own special camping highchair is such a timesaver!

If you’re taking a toddler camping, it’s so important to make him feel included and excited about the trip! That’s why having his own camp chair is just the first step in the process of getting your kids to love camping!

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