11 of the Smallest Class C RVs in 2024 | Video Tours!

Small Class C RVs provide the driveability of a van, with the living space of a mid-sized travel trailer. This makes them a really popular option for anyone who wants a driveable RV that can maneuver rough roads and hard-to-reach campsites. But just because they’re small, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice basic amenities!! What is a Small Class C RV? A Class C RV is a driveable RV Class between Class B (vans), and Class A (large motorhomes). They’re typically built on a truck chassis–for example, a Ford E-350, … Read more

13 of the Best Camping Tables Worthy of Your Next Camping Trip

Ah…the good old picnic table. They’re a staple at most campgrounds and end up being the second centerpiece of the campsite (after the fire ring).  But I’m sure we’ve all had it happen where you pull up to a campsite only to find the picnic table is completely falling apart. Or maybe you’re boondocking or camping in a rustic campground without tables.  Not to worry…your portable camping table is ready to save the day!  A foldable camping table is an essential part of your camping gear that gets used hard, … Read more

12 Best Travel Trailers with King Beds + Video Tours

Sleeping in your huge king bed at home may feel like a big luxury, but sleeping in a king bed in a travel trailer feels even nicer. Especially after a long day of hiking, biking, or swimming, nothing feels better than coming home to your comfy king bed. There are tons of travel trailers out there with large, king sized beds so you don’t have to sacrifice your sleeping comfort just because you’re in a trailer. Whether you want to sleep 3 in a single bed, or you just want … Read more

15 of the Smallest Campers With Bathrooms + Video Tours

The convenience of having a small camper is unbeatable. You can tow ‘em anywhere you want and with pretty much any vehicle you have. But if you don’t have a bathroom in your camper, things can get pretty inconvenient, pretty fast. Not having a toilet to use when there’s nowhere to go, and not being able to take a hot shower after a long day of hiking is a huge drawback of most small camping trailers. Luckily, there are more small campers out there that have bathrooms than you might … Read more

9 Best Pop Up Camper Air Conditioners – Do They Actually Work?

Oh the joys of summer camping – laying out by the lake, floating in a river, late night bonfires, no escape from the scorching summer heat… wait, what!? If you’ve ever been on a summer camping trip with no AC, you might know how uncomfortable you can get being outside in the sun for days at a time. But if you have a pop-up camper, there’s an easy solution to give you some rest during those sweltering summer days–air conditioners!! Yes, air conditioners do really work in pop-up campers. I’m … Read more

The 30 Best Pop Up Camper Accessories You Need in 2024!

Camping with a pop up camper helps make your camping trips convenient and super fun. But there are also some great pop up camper accessories that will make your trip that much more enjoyable. So whether you’re looking for pop up camper accessories for your bathroom, your kitchen, or for warm weather or cold, I’ve got you covered with this list. All of these pop up camper accessories are either super useful, super fun, or both!! So let’s get started! What You’ll Find on This List But first…to break it … Read more

10 Top RVs and Travel Trailers with Washers and Dryers

campers with washers and dryers

Trekking around the wilderness, swimming in a lake, and sitting around a campfire are amazing activities that are right at your fingertips when you live in an RV. But it’s all fun and games until you’re sitting in an RV full of dirty wet laundry, waiting until the next time you can wash your clothes… Luckily, if you don’t want to have to deal with piles of dirty clothes stinking up your RV, you can get a washer and dryer! Right in your RV! If you’re even a little intrigued … Read more

11 Top RV Surge Protectors and EMS to Protect Your Rig

Maybe your rig’s electrical system isn’t at the top of your mind while you’re out on the road. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t run into some serious issues that cause it damage, or even worse, hurt you or your family. Unless you’re a master electrician and you wired all your own power pedestals, you definitely need a surge protector for your RV. Nothing beats the peace of mind knowing that you won’t wake up in the middle of the night to an electrical fire, or a broken electrical … Read more

Solo Stove Campfire Review – Is It Really the Best Mini Campfire for Portable Camp Cooking?

solo stove campfire

There’s something magical about campfires, right? They’re a place to cook, relax, and tell scary stories! Camping just wouldn’t be the same without them.  So when a portable wood stove takes on the name “CAMPFIRE”, it’s got some pretty big shoes to fill.  Does the Solo Stove Campfire really live up to its name? Can it really replace a traditional campfire in some situations? You might be surprised! In my review article, I’ll share what I’ve learned about the Solo Stove Campfire from personal experience. That way you can tell … Read more

8 Best RV Wifi Extenders for Boosting Your Internet Just About Anywhere

Living on the road means sometimes (really most of the time), your internet signal just sucks. Netflix buffering, Instagram won’t load, and you can’t even play your favorite Beyonce song on Spotify. Other than for entertainment, having an internet signal is also important for keeping you safe and planning your next stops. Lucky for us RVers, though, there are so many solutions to a slow WiFi speed.  So I’m going to go over RV WiFi boosters and extenders: what they are, how they work, and do they even work??  Plus … Read more