The 30 Best Pop Up Camper Accessories You Need in 2024!

Camping with a pop up camper helps make your camping trips convenient and super fun. But there are also some great pop up camper accessories that will make your trip that much more enjoyable.

So whether you’re looking for pop up camper accessories for your bathroom, your kitchen, or for warm weather or cold, I’ve got you covered with this list.

All of these pop up camper accessories are either super useful, super fun, or both!!

So let’s get started!

What You’ll Find on This List

But first…to break it all down, I’ve separated this list into 7 different categories. 

7 Best Accessories for Setting Up Your Pop-Up

Getting to your campsite and setting up your pop up tent trailer can be the most time-consuming (and sometimes frustrating) part of a camping trip.

So here are some pop up camper accessories hand-picked by me to help make your life easier so you can get on with roasting marshmallows.

Wireless Backup Camera System

Wireless Backup Camera System

Why it’s a cool accessory: High-end wireless technology makes for easy setup and the large screen means you can backup your pop up camper without any help at all.

This backup system comes with two side cameras and a rear camera. All the cameras wirelessly connect to a 7-inch monitor.

Check here for the current price on this super fancy backup system. 

If you’re looking for other options for a backup camera check out this list of my 7 favorite RV backup cameras.

LevelMatePro Leveling System

LevelMatePro Leveling System

Why it’s a cool accessory: This gadget takes the guessing out of leveling your vehicle and drastically decreases the amount of time it takes to get set up at your campsite.

This leveling system is meant to be used in conjunction with stabilizer jacks or leveling blocks. It connects to your phone via the LevelMatePro app and will tell you where the camper needs height, and exactly how much.

Check the current price of the LevelMatePro system on Amazon here.

Custom Comfy Mattress

custom rv mattress replacement for pop up camper

Why it’s a great accessory: You don’t have to sacrifice comfort just because you’re sleeping in a camper. Long-term popup camper life definitely necessitates a comfortable mattress that gives you great support while you sleep.

You can easily purchase a custom mattress to replace the (probably super uncomfortable) mattress your pop up camper came with.

If you want to start designing your custom mattress, or you’re just curious how much it’ll cost, try playing around with Mattress Insider’s custom mattress builder.

For my full review of Mattress Insider, plus a guide on how to order your custom mattress, check here:  Mattress Insider’s RV Mattress Review – Is It Worth the Money?

Wheel Chocks

Wheel Chocks

Why it’s a useful accessory: Wheel chocks help give you some peace of mind that your pop up camper won’t go rolling away when it’s not attached to your vehicle.

These hard plastic wheel chocks are made to keep even super heavy vehicles in place. They come in packs of two for around five bucks (at the time I’m writing this).

Check the current (and super affordable) price on Amazon right here.

Tool Kit

basic repair tool kit for pop up camper

Why it’s a smart accessory: From stuff like tightening a drawer handle, to repairing your cranking mechanism, I guarantee a toolkit will come in handy on almost every trip you take.

This tool kit from Amazon comes with all the basic tools you need: a hammer, pliers, wrenches, tape measure, etc. 

You can purchase a toolkit like this, or create your own kit. Just make sure you have some basic tools plus some pop-up camper-specific items like canvas repair tape.

Check the price here.

Surge Protector/EMS

Surge Protector/EMS for pop up camper


Why it’s a smart accessory: There’s no reason to risk damaging your camper’s electrical system by plugging into a miswired pedestal. You should always carry one of these along to your campsites.

This surge protector is made for 30 amp RVs and has built-in weather protection. It protects against incorrectly wired pedestals and power surges. 

Traveling with a surge protector is a must have pop up camper accessory for protecting your tent trailer{s electrical system

Check the price of this 30 amp surge protector here

If you’re looking for more options, take a look at my list of the 11 best RV surge protectors and electrical management systems.

Gili Gear Camping Mats

camping mats for outside of pop up gili gear
My 3 kiddos hanging on a gili gear mat – it’s perfect for desert and beach camping for sand management!!

Why it’s a cool accessory: These will help your camper mess-free by preventing tracked-in dirt and sand from your little ones or furry friends. Plus, they’re a great multi-purpose play mat, picnic table, or beach mat.

Gili Gear sells awesome sand-proof camping mats that are essentially indestructible. They’re lightweight, easy to wash, portable, and just help make your life easier when outdoor camping.

Check here to shop Gili Gear’s large-sized earth mat.

For my full review of the camping mat and Gili Gear’s other products, check right here.

5 Accessories for Your Pop-Up Trailer Bathroom

While your pop-up trailer might not have a bathroom, that doesn’t mean you don’t need bathroom-related accessories.

Having accessories like a toilet, or an outdoor shower can help make your camping trips more comfortable. So, here are my ideas for pop up camper bathroom accessories.

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

Nature’s Head Composting Toilet


Why it’s a great accessory: Obviously, it’s super convenient to have a toilet in your camper. But it’s also nice to have one that’s easy to maintain and doesn’t hurt the environment!

This composting toilet from Nature’s Head has a separate compartment for liquids and solids. 

The solids compartment breaks down over time–hence “composting toilet”. Every few weeks you can dump the solids right outside or in the garbage. (And no, it doesn’t really stink.)

You’ll empty the liquids container just as needed when it’s full.

Check the current price on the Nature’s Head toilet here

If you’d like to learn more about composting toilets or browse a few more options check here.

Portable Camping Toilet

Portable Camping Toilet

Why it’s a great accessory: Portable toilets can be great for emergencies, or for some added comfort when going to the bathroom outside.

This portable toilet is basically a bucket with a plastic bag underneath. Each time you use it you’ll tie up the plastic bag and throw it away. You can use it inside pop-up campers or outdoors.

Check here for the current price of this portable toilet.

For more porta potty options check out my article here13 Best Camping Porta Potty Toilets to Go On the Go!

Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower for camping

Why it’s a cool accessory: Pop up campers don’t always have showers. That’s why it’s super nice to have a portable one so you always have the option to take a nice refreshing shower.

This shower kit is super simple. It comes with a showerhead and is designed to attract the sun’s heat to warm up the water inside so you can take a comfortably warm shower.

Simply hang it somewhere up high, and let gravity bring water through the showerhead. This particular model has a 5-gallon capacity so it’s great for at least a couple of quick showers.

Check out the price of this cool outdoor shower here.

Thetford Cassette Toilet

Thetford Cassette Toilet

Why it’s a great accessory: Cassette toilets are small and can be stowed away easily, so they’re great to keep inside your popup camper.

This cassette toilet from Thetford has a fill level indicator so you know when you’ll have to dump it. To dump, simply remove the bottom (the cassette) and bring it to a public restroom or dumping site.

Check here for the current price of this cassette toilet.

For more info about cassette toilets, plus a few other options, check hereCassette Toilets for RVs & Campers

Quick Dry Bath Towels

Quick Dry Bath Towels

Why it’s a useful accessory: You can prevent having moldy, stinky towels laying around your popup camper by using these bath towels that are designed to dry super fast.

These towels come in a pack of four from Amazon. They’re made from quick-dry microfiber material and they pack up really small. 

They’re also color-coded so you can designate a different towel for each person in your family or camp crew.

Check the price here.

4 Tent Trailer Kitchen Accessories 

Some of my favorite RV and pop up camper accessories are kitchen gadgets!! I’m all for anything that makes cooking or making coffee easier.

So, here are some of my very favorite pop up camper accessories for the kitchen.

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

Why it’s a great accessory: A percolator like this one is the easiest way to make coffee while camping. It’s great for brewing coffee in your pop-up kitchen, or outside over the fire.

This coffee maker will make 9 cups of coffee. It’s inexpensive but sturdy and will basically last you as long as you need to use it. (I’ve had my camping percolator for as long as I can remember.) Plus, it doesn’t use any electricity.

Check here for Amazon’s current price on this percolator.

Outdoor Portable Kitchen

Outdoor Portable Kitchen

Why it’s a cool accessory: If your popup camper doesn’t have a kitchen inside, then some type of outdoor kitchen is essential. Even if you do have a kitchen indoors, it’s always nice to have the option to cook outside.

This portable kitchen set comes with a space for a two-burner stove, paper towel roll, a cooler, and lots of prep space. Plus it has a little “sink” and a hook for a lantern so you can cook at night.

For a current price on this camping kitchen, click here!

Check here for a full review of this kitchen, plus eight other options for portable camping kitchens.

Heavy Duty Cooler


Why it’s a cool accessory: These Canyon coolers are super heavy-duty and keep ice frozen longer than Yeti coolers. If you don’t have a fridge in your popup camper, this is one of those essential pop-up trailer accessories.

This cooler from Canyon is nice and large (55 quarts) so it’ll hold as much as a small fridge. It keeps ice frozen for 4 to 7 days. That’s enough for a nice long boondocking trip!!

Check the current price.

Mini Instant Pot


Why it’s a cool accessory: Instant pots replace a lot of different appliances you might use in your household. They make camping meals super easy and are especially helpful if you’re traveling with your whole family.

This instant pot is just 4 quarts, so you’ll definitely have room for it in your pop-up. If you have the room to size up, you can make even larger meals, though.

Check the price on Amazon here.

4 Pop Up Camper Summer Accessories

What’s better than camping in the summertime?

Here are some of my favorite pop up camper accessories that make summer camping even more enjoyable. 

Solo Stove Portable Bonfire

portable firepit

Why it’s a cool accessory: Solo stoves allow you to have a bonfire absolutely anywhere you want (as long as it’s allowed, of course). No fire pit needed!

The Solo Stove is designed for super easy and essentially smoke-free fires. I highly recommend these to anyone who likes to get outdoors.

Check the price on the solo stove bonfire here.

And check these articles out for tons more info on different Solo Stove models:

Comfy Camping Chairs

Comfy Camping Chairs

Why it’s a great accessory: Never underestimate the power of a super comfy camping chair. They make sitting around a great bonfire that much more enjoyable.

This camp chair from Amazon is a “zero gravity” chair that is totally adjustable. You can choose the position that is most comfortable for you to relax around your bonfire, at the beach, or under the shade of a big tree.

Check the price on this zero gravity chair.

If you’re not into the whole zero gravity chair craze, check here for more options9 BEST Camp Chairs of Each Popular Style On The Market

Portable Picnic Table

Portable Picnic Table

Why it’s a useful accessory: Whether you need more prep space or you do a lot of backcountry camping or boondocking, having an extra table in your pop-up camper will come in handy more than you might think.

This table from Amazon is the perfect size. It’s lightweight but high quality and folds up completely flat for easy storage.

Check the current price on Amazon.

Screen Tent

Screen Tent

Why it’s a useful accessory: Screen tents will instantly protect you from bugs, sun, and rain so you can enjoy the summer weather without the annoying parts.

This screen tent from Amazon will easily fit over a picnic table so you can dine in peace without swatting away mosquitos while trying to enjoy your dinner.

Check the price on Amazon here.

3 Best Winter Pop Up Camper Gear

Cold weather camping is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it can be super fun as long as you have the right gear. 

So, here are my favorite winter pop-up camper accessories to help keep you cozy warm.

Camper-Safe Portable Heater

Camper-Safe Portable Heater

Why it’s a useful accessory: Camping in the winter is no fun if you’re miserably cold the whole time, but a simple space heater can heat up your camper in minutes.

The Mr. Heater space heater has 4,000-9,000 BTUs of heat so it will quickly heat up a small space. It’s totally safe for use inside your pop up camper, plus it has a ton of safety settings that’ll help prevent fires or propane leaks. 

Check the current price on a Mr. Heater.

RV Airskirt System

portable skirting system for pop up camper in winter

Why it’s a cool accessory: Airskirts are designed to quickly and easily add an extra layer of insulation to help the inside of the camper stay warm easier. While they’re effect is minimal on pop up campers (the canvas sides are the weak link), every little bit of insulation you can add will help.

These pack away super small, and have essentially no installation process. They’re super easy to set up and very effective at limiting the airflow underneath your pop up camper.

Check here for pricing.

And check here if you want more info on how they work (and if they work).

Rumpl Camping Blankets

Rumpl Camping Blankets

Why it’s a cool accessory: Camping blankets are great for extra warmth in the winter, wrapping around yourself at the fire, or setting out as play mats.

Rumpl’s camping blankets in particular are super warm. They also pack down really small and are easy to clean. I love all the different colors and prints they come in. 

But really, any camping blanket is going to be useful, whether it’s cold outside or not!

Check the price and different color options on Amazon.

There’s tons of options for camping blankets out there, check out this list of the 15 very best camping blankets on the market.

4 Pop Up Camper Accessories Under $50

If you’re on a budget, there are still some great pop up camper accessories out there.

Here are my picks!!

Handheld Cordless Mini Vacuum

Handheld Cordless Mini Vacuum

Why it’s a useful accessory: Mini vacs are perfect to use in your popup camper since they’re tiny, but powerful enough to clean up most small camping messes.

This Black and Decker vacuum is great for use in pop up campers. It’s cordless and you charge it with a wall charger between uses. It comes with a washable and reusable filter so you don’t really ever have to buy new filters for it.

Check the price on Amazon.

LifeStraw Filtering Water Bottle

LifeStraw Filtering Water Bottle

Why it’s a cool gadget: This water bottle instantly filters out bacteria, chemicals, and microplastics from iffy drinking water sources. 

We all know water when you’re camping isn’t always the cleanest, and this water bottle helps give you peace of mind. (Or at the very least, makes the water at the campground taste better.)

Check the current price and shop for different colors here.

Step Covers

Why it’s a useful accessory: Step covers prevent falls, protect your camper’s step, and help keep the inside of your camper clean.

These step covers on Amazon are easy to install and last a long time. Plus, they’re super inexpensive so they’re almost a no-brainer for frequent RVers.

Check the current price on Amazon here.

I have a more comprehensive review of this brand, plus a couple more options for step covers right hereBest RV Step Covers | Rugs, Reviews & Ratings 

Canvas Repair Tape

Canvas Repair Tape for awning and side of pop up camper

Why it’s a useful accessory: This is one of those pop up camper accessories you should always have on hand. Pop up canvas can easily tear for any number of reasons, and repair tape will help you quickly patch up those tears to protect the inside of the camper from the elements.

This repair tape is designed for quick fixes, but it’s really durable and will keep water out of your camper as long as you need it to.

Check the price on Amazon.

3 Other Fun Accessories for Camping With Your Pop Up Trailer

And now for some miscellaneous accessories that I had to include because they’re some of my favorite items to bring along on RV trips!!

Citronella Candle Torches

Citronella Candle Torches good for campground

Why it’s a cool accessory: These candles make your campsite the prettiest at the RV park, all while protecting you from pesky mosquitoes.

These large torches are designed to be filled with citronella oil. Once they’re lit, they’ll keep mosquitoes away from you. Plus, they just look super cool.

Check the current price on these torches here.


Headlamp for camping that is rechargable

Why it’s a useful accessory: If you’ve ever not had a headlamp when you need one, then you know why these are so useful for pop up camper life. Trying to do anything with two hands in the dark is pretty much impossible without one of these bad boys.

This BioLite headlamp charges via micro USB and lasts up to 40 hours off of one charge. It’s lightweight and comfy on your head, and comes in a few different color options.

Check the price.

Badminton Set

Badminton Set


Why it’s a fun accessory: Badminton is a simple and fun game the whole family can play. One you go camping with a badminton set, you’ll never want to go without one.

This Franklin Badminton set comes with four rackets, two birdies, and an easy-to-set-up net. It all packs up nicely into a small bag that will definitely fit in your pop up camper.

Check the price here.

Looking for cool camping gear?

I hope you found a few cool, useful, or fun pop up camper accessories you’ll be bringing with you on your next adventure…

If you’re interested in doing some more camping shopping, look no further! I have a bunch of lists with TONS more camping gear for you to browse through so you can have the perfect setup for your next trip: 

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