Diastasis Recti Repair Surgery Pt: 3

The Drainage Tubes Are Out/First Time With No Binder!

One of the things you have to upkeep yourself after the diastasis recti repair surgery is emptying out your drains; they are grenade shaped fluid holders that collect all the blood/fluids from where you were cut. It gets less and less as time goes on, and if it is minimal by your first follow up, they will be removed. If further fluid builds up, my surgeon said he will use a local anesthetic and just syringe it out.

Be prepared…  it was PAINFUL! It only lasted a small amount of time, but it made an awful gurgling sound that I could feel as well. But the tubes were some of the most painful parts of the surgery, as every time I moved I could feel them poking inside of me and such. Also, I was always paranoid that I’d catch them on a doorknob or my son would pull them.

The Binder is Off, the Swelling is Massive!

 I was pretty happy that I could see myself again (Usually when I look down, I just saw my belly..) I wasn’t prepared for the amount of swelling! My abdomen was a lumpy, numb kind of foreign thing. I was told before hand that numbness is normal until the nerve endings grow back, however it is possible they never will. The fluid build up is also normal, and will be reabsorbed by my body as time goes on. I do have a lemon and ginger drink I am going to try that will supposedly bring this down. I went into surgery at 141, and came out at 148, so there is definitely a lot of swelling going on that just needs time. Then I’ll also be able to see how it all really looks.

Belly Button Gone! Why Yours May or May Not Go

Depending on the amount of excess skin you have, your belly button may have to be removed or re-positioned. I had a lot of skin, and my surgeon told me it would either be one inch from my pubic area, or simply removed. He also had to fix an umbilical hernia, and was concerned with that as well as a move, that it may not have enough blood supply and would die. I was actually fine with him removing it, and asked him to as my husband came up with a wonderful idea. A tattooed BUTTON for a belly button! From far away it will look like one, and up close it will be a conversation starter! I kind of like to laugh at everything in life, and just thought it was fitting considering I was sewn up!

Getting more functional, and my milk supply made it!

I am nursing twins right now, and although I have to pump as it’s kind of painful to nurse them, my supply has been fine. As with any other time your pumping, just don’t drop the night time one!

I am able to move more, though I find it is my lower back that causes the most pain. I was told hunching over is pretty normal to around 2 weeks. My surgeon suggested I stand against a wall a couple of times a day to work on that. I am now allowed to drive, and take leisurely walks.

My Diastasis Recti 1 week after surgery
My Diastasis Recti Surgery 1 week post operation.

P.S. This is my 3rd update. To see my previous posts, here is the 1st, and here is the 2nd

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