The Scoop on String Lake (a family favorite) from a Local!

A Grand Teton National Park MUST for kids – String Lake!

If you are visiting Grand Teton National Park, there are tons of options when it comes to hiking, but when it comes to the kids, you have to check out String Lake!

If you are visiting Grand Teton National Park with kids, this is a must see! It's beautiful flat waters (that are warm enough to swim in!) are a perfect way for the whole family to relax after a big day of adventuring! check out this local's guide to String Lake, and keep it in mind next time you're visiting Jackson WY or Grand Teton National Park!

While there are a few hikes that little legs could manage, it’s always good to plan a break so that the kiddos associate hiking with fun (and not just a long boring walk!)

String Lake is perfect because it is shallow, has no current in most areas, and is BEAUTIFUL!

There’s a lot of “beach” areas, or beach as far as Jackson is concerned – think a little more rocks on the shore!

Many families come here to Stand Up Paddleboard, Kayak, and just play!

I’m a wimp, but even I thought the water wasn’t too bad. Everytime we go, I always see plenty of kids playing in the water!

I’m here to give you the scoop, from a local’s view, on this kids favorite in Grand Teton National Park!

Directions to String Lake

If you’re coming from Jackson, it is a bit of a drive, around 45 minutes!

You’ll pass the “Grand Teton National Park” sign along the way, which is a great photo op since the mountains are right behind it!

There are actually quite a few amazing picture opportunities!

As you’re passing areas that have streams and willows, be on the look out for moose. They do often cross the road, so be aware!

When you pass grassy flats, antelope love to hang out there, though usually, they like to keep their distance.

Anyways, here are the directions to get to String Lake!

  1. Follow signs to Grand Teton/Yellowstone National Parks
  2. Turn Left onto Teton Park Road (keep right to stay on this)
  3. Turn left onto Jenny Lake Road
  4. Turn right onto String Lake Road

Be warned, parking gets REALLY bad here if you arrive any time after 10. While they do have an overflow parking lot (that’s mainly for large vehicles and trailers) it’s pretty common to have to park in designated areas on the side of the road.

directions to string lake from jackson wy
If you’re a visual person, this is from Google Maps! Personally I just GPS everything on my phone, but this may help you gauge your drive!

String Lake Hiking Trail

This is a great, easy hike that offers amazing views!

It is a roughly 3.75 miles long loop with only 275 feet elevation gain making this a perfect family hike.

The Bearpaw Trail Junction (which takes you to Leigh Lake) Paintbrush Canyon Trail Junction and Jenny Lake Trail Junction are all along the hike!

Teewinot, The Grand Teton, and Mount Owen are all visible along this hike and are truly amazing!

I love the Teton Hiking Trails guide to the String Lake Loop here for more information!

string lake trail views
Even if you don’t go far, String Lake Loop has beautiful views and part of it is paved if you are on wheels! (My twins were sleeping in their stroller at this time!)

Swimming and Water Temperature

Swimming is definitely OK here, and the water temperature is around 60 degrees in August. 

While that may not seem very warm, it’s likely your best bet if you plan on swimming anywhere in Grand Teton National Park!

The shallowness of the lake really helps to keep it warm!

There’s a popular jumping rock, and a decent amount of shoreline to play around.

Again, I recommend getting their early!

I usually leave around 12 (kids naps!), and there are almost always people set up on the other side of the trail because there is no more shore area to be near!

string lake water temperature good for playing in
My toddler definitely enjoyed the water! It’s no hot spring, but it’s pretty warm for a mountain lake (60ish degrees in August!)

Kayaking and Paddle Boarding String Lake

String Lake is the perfect place for kayaking and paddle boarding!

With no current, even wimps like me would feel ok doing some water sports!

Dornan’s is a great place to rent all your gear from if you’re just visiting – they’ll evne help you load it up on your car!

Here is their page with all the kayak, paddle board and other gear rental info!

If you want to get your gear before you head to the park, you can rent your stuff at Snow King in Jackson!

Fishing String Lake

While I haven’t fished there yet, I don’t think there’s too much going on.

With the warmth and shallowness of the water, it’s just not very good for fishing!

Even if it was good fishing, there’s always a ton of people around the shoreline so you’d have to make sure to have a way to get out in the lake away from people.

I don’t think I have ever once seen someone fishing here – feel free to try though!

Just avoid the throngs of people!

Picnic Areas

There are quite a few picnic tables to eat at in the area.

They are not right next to the lake, but are darn close! Most are surrounded by trees and have a picnic table and a charcoal grill.

Don’t forget to secure your food in your car or a bear box before you leave! Even if it isn’t for long!

Are you excited to visit String Lake during your Grand Teton National Park visit? 

We go on tons of hikes with our 3 that are 3 and under… and one thing that makes a big difference in whether they enjoy it or not is making sure it’s fun!

So if that means a fun afternoon by the lake after a morning hike, do it!

Or if you’re an adult without kids, you have got to check out String Lake and all it has to offer!

If you’re looking for warmer water in the area, you gotta check out the other family favorite in the area – Granite Hot Springs! Learn all about it here!

If you plan on visiting neighboring Jackson, find out the best 15 things to do with your family there!

string lake information
Mountain views, smiles, and splashing are some of the things to expect at this surprisingly warm mountain lake!




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