Natural Bridges National Monument Hiking Guide for Families 2019!

natural bridges national monument hiking guide for families

Natural Bridges National Monument is so unique! These Natural Land Bridges are MASSIVE, and for whatever reason, seldom visited! This makes for an amazing experience – we hiked to two of the three, and only saw maybe 4 groups the whole time. To look down into the canyon, and see the bridge from ontop, and then to use things like ladders, rails, and carved in steps to get down in there… it feels absolutely amazing, and is an experience like no other! I can’t tell you how awe inspiring it … Read more

3 Sweet Slot Canyons in Southern Utah Without The Crowds + Easy for Family! (Leprechaun, Blarney, Little Wild Horse!)

slot canyons in utah near zion and goblin valley

Do you want to play around in epic slot canyons and skip the crowds on your next visit to Southern Utah? Then you gotta hit these guys up! It was absolutely amazing, and even better, totally doable for most kids! Even if you have kids in packs, you can get pretty darn far in some of these canyons before having to do anything technical! These slot canyons are located between two major national parks – Capitol Reef and Canyonlands, so you know they’re going to be sweet! I’ll show you … Read more

6 Best Hikes in Grand Teton National Park ANYONE Can Do!

These 6 Grand Teton National Park Hikes are the best around… and the whole family can do them! One thing I love about Grand Teton National Park is that there are quite a variety of hikes for people of all skill levels – in fact, most of the beautiful spots are a quick, low difficulty hike! My grandma came out recently for my twins birthday party, and of course we loved to play tour guide and show her everything! We sort of had an idea of what to check out … Read more

Locals Guide to the Amphitheater Lake Hike in Grand Teton National Park

Amphitheater Lake in Grand Teton National Park is a beautiful spot worth the grunt – even when carrying 3 kids! Before any of our kids were born, we were fairly outdoorsy people, so it’s no surprise that when our first child was born, we wanted to hit up Amphitheater Lake in Grand Teton National Park. With my husband carrying our son in a pack, it didn’t feel too difficult (I was just carrying what I normally would!) but it did feel amazing to know that we could STILL do outdoor stuff, … Read more

15 AWESOME Jackson Hole Things to Do With the Family!

jackson wyoming information for families

Learn the must-sees and things to do in Jackson Hole Wyoming with kids in my insider guide! Jackson, WY is full of awesome stuff for kids to do, whether you have babies or big kids! If you’re reading this, it’s likely you know about Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park that are right by us. These are SO amazing, and it’s a whole other article to talk about all the fun stuff to do there! I wanted to focus on the town portion of our beautiful area! I … Read more

The Scoop on String Lake (a family favorite) from a Local!

string lake water temperature good for playing in

A Grand Teton National Park MUST for kids – String Lake! If you are visiting Grand Teton National Park, there are tons of options when it comes to hiking, but when it comes to the kids, you have to check out String Lake! While there are a few hikes that little legs could manage, it’s always good to plan a break so that the kiddos associate hiking with fun (and not just a long boring walk!) String Lake is perfect because it is shallow, has no current in most areas, … Read more

A Granite Hot Springs Guide from a Local

granite hot springs summer picture

Let me tell you everything you need to know before going to the beautiful Granite Hot Springs! Granite Hot Springs is one of our favorite places to camp, as well as enjoy with our kids! The water isn’t too hot, and is contained in a man made pool. This means no currents or rocky areas to worry about with the littles! Not only is the water amazing, but the scenery is beautiful! There are trees behind you, and the walk to the hot spring itself is beautiful! If you plan … Read more

6 Fun things to do with kids in Moab (That aren’t hiking!)

Things to do with kids in Moab (if you’re not doing the National Parks!) There are actually tons of activities to do with kids in Moab, though it’s often overshadowed by the two amazing national parks nearby! When we planned our trip, we planned for big hiking days (Here’s my list of the hikes that were are fun and easy with the kids in tow in Arches National Park!) that we knew would mess up nap schedules, wear out our toddler, and frankly wear us out trying to get so … Read more

8 Easy Arches National Park Hikes for Kids that are Breath Taking!

Windows in Arches National PArk

What are the easiest trails in Arches National Park when you have kids? Arches National Park is such a beautiful place, and guess what; it’s possible to enjoy the natural beauty with the whole family! At the time I visited, I had three children under three. That’s right, a toddler and two 8 month old babies! I’m going to give you the scoop on which arches in Arches National Park are the easiest to get to with young children, and which ones are worth the extra challenge. P.S. Check out … Read more