2 Years Using the Solo Stove Bonfire – Still Worth the $$$?

If you’re someone who loves a campfire but doesn’t want to be bound by a firepit, then you’ll love this Solo Stove Bonfire deluxe portable fire pit! I know our family LOVES camping away from the campgrounds to really find those unique spots (and let’s face it, spots my kids can be wild in and they won’t bother anyone!) but a drawback has always been the lack of a fire ring. While we could make our own, we tend not to as it takes away from the “wildness” of the … Read more

DIY Summer Camp 101 at Home (with printable lesson plans!)

If you’re needing some structure during summer I’ve created a fun 5 day summer camp activity (badges included!) that will teach your kids some camping safety and how tos through activities and play! Each day of the week will have a theme and multiple options to participate in it including crafts, worksheets, or actually doing the real thing! This is chock full of educational camping activities since, as we all know, kids learn best through play! Here’s what this DIY Summer Camp activity line up looks like – This lesson … Read more

9 BEST Camp Chairs of Each Popular Style On The Market (With Video Review!)

Picking a new camping chair can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re someone like me who gets completely lost in Amazon reviews but hates going to the store! BUT, you’re in luck! I got a wild hair in me and visited our local Cabelas to sit in allll the camp chairs! That’s right – the zero gravity camp chair, canopy camp chair, basic folding one, and heck… even the director’s style camp chair (which, even after sitting in it, can’t say I understand!) I have my personal favorite, but I’ll … Read more

51 Funnest Camping Crafts for Kids of All Ages!

summer camping craft for kids camp necklaces

Updated 1/12/2024 by Stacy Bressler Camping crafts are a great way to have fun with the kids, break up winter, celebrate with at a camp themed party or preschool week, or even while you’re camping to have a fun memory! I compiled a giant list of all the fun camping crafts I could find – there’s something for kids of all ages! Little campers will enjoy the sensory based things especially (pine cones and mud… yes please!) and older kids will love the creative ones! P.S. I REALLY hate big … Read more

The 15 BEST Kids Camping Chairs (Babies and Toddlers Too!) of 2022

good portable baby highchairs for camping

If you’ve been camping with your kids, or are planning your first kid camping trip, you’re probably excited to get them their very own camping chair! While the cute one at Walmart will do, if you are an outdoor enthusiast you likely want to get something a little higher quality (and comfortable). And, depending on the situation – backpacking, RV camping, car camping, on vacation etc.. there may be a specific chair that will work way better for your situation. For your convenience, I’ve organized them by what kind of … Read more

21 Easy Kids Camping Activities (+Free Printable 25 Page Activity Pack!)

campsite sign fun activity for toddler around camp

Keep your kids busy around camp with these fun, easy activities!  Keep a kid busy while family camping with these fun camping activity ideas! These will work for kids of all ages, though it’s primarily for the younger crowd. We’ll check out some fun camping crafts, easy snack options, and little chores to help around camp! Whether you are pitching a tent, or setting up a camper, it is no joke that keeping kids (especially young ones like toddlers and babies) entertained while you get everything done is sometimes really difficult! … Read more

7 Free Camping Scavenger Hunt Printables for Kids

Updated December 3rd, 2023 Make your next camping trip even more fun with these seven different camping scavenger hunts – there’s something for the whole family! Sometimes camping makes me a little too relaxed (who doesn’t love to hang out in a camp chair around a campfire??), and I need a reason to get up and explore! With a scavenger hunt, there is actually a goal and I love being able to walk around and help my kids find anything we can! Anyways, I created these printable scavenger hunts as … Read more