6 Best Pop Up Toy Haulers (Video Tours + Reviews)

Are you an active family? Do you (and your kids) spend more time on 4-wheelers, atvs, bikes, and kayaks than in your RV? 

Then a pop up toy hauler is the camper for you!

A pop up with a toy hauler is the perfect option for active families who want a comfortable place to sleep and plenty of cargo space without needing to tow a big honkin’ travel trailer.

So what are your options for a pop up camper with a toy hauler? 

Let’s look at 6 of the best ones. Plus, at the bottom of the article I’ll answer a bunch of questions you probably have about these trailers. 

Let’s get started!

So What Is a Pop Up Toy Hauler Anyway?

A pop up toy hauler is a pop up camper (or tent trailer as some call ‘em) with extra cargo space for hauling bulky outdoor equipment — kayaks, bicycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and giant coolers filled with bacon. 🥓😋

The most common type you see are regular pop-up campers with an extra cargo deck in between the hitch and the camper box. However, as you’ll see on the list, there are some pretty cool hybrid options that might be just what you’re looking for.

The Best Pop Up Campers with a Toy Hauler

Ok, let’s get started with my list of pop-up toy haulers. To be honest, I would love to add even more options, but frankly there just aren’t that many being made anymore. 😥😥😥 So here are 6 that (as of 2021) are either still in production or can be found at dealers. 

Forest River Rockwood Sports Enthusiast 23SCSE

Cargo Space: 54”x84” Front deck storage that’s rated for 650lbs. 

Forest River Rockwood Sports Enthusiast 23SCSE floorplan

Source: Forest River

Forest River offers several floor plans in their Rockwood Sports Enthusiast line. And fortunately, there’s still one that’s in production with a cargo rack! YES! It’s the 23SCSE model. 

It’s got a generous front metal deck storage area that’s perfect for hauling your family’s adventure gear. Plus, it’s also available with ProRac crossbars with a 150lb rating for across the roof of the camper — perfect for adding an extra bike or two or some kayaks!

Once you set it up, you’ve got plenty of comforts inside. It’s got a slide-out dinette, 3-burner range, cassette toilet and shower combo, 20-gallon freshwater tank, and a hot water heater.

Guide yourself through the 3D tour here.

Now let’s continue with another “normal” style pop-up toy hauler. 

Coachmen Viking V-Trec V3

Cargo Space: 60” wide front deck. Has walls that come off and turn into ramps for easy loading of dirt bikes, bicycles, the Solo Stove Bonfire, or whatever else you want to haul.

Coachmen Viking V-Trec V3

Source: Coachmen

The Coachmen V-Trec V3 shares some similar features to the first option on our list. It’s got a similar heavy-duty metal cargo deck upfront for firewood, a dirt bike, and husbands that aren’t behaving 🤪.

*The V-Trec line has two small options as well — the V1 and V2 — but instead of the large, flat cargo deck, they’re available with a sliding storage box upfront.

The V3 is a nice choice for big families. It’s got a queen-size bunk at one end and a king at the other. The slide-out dinette also converts into a bed. And so does the gaucho seating area. You could pack 6-7 people in there! 

Coachmen Viking V-Trec V3 floor plan good for big families

Source: Coachmen

Watch the comprehensive V3 video tour.

Ok, so now that we got two “normal” pop-up toy haulers out of the way, let’s move on to some… not-so-normal tent trailers.

Jumping Jack Tent Trailers

Cargo Space: Depends on the trailer size you buy. For example, the 6’x8’ regular trailer has a cargo deck that’ll hold 2 ATVs or most 2-seater SxS UTVs. Larger trailers can hold even more.

Jumping Jack Tent Trailers pop up with toy storage on top

Source: Jumping Jack Trailers

Jumping Jack Tent Trailers are a unique kind of pop-up. They’re basically utility trailers modified to work with a pop-up tent insert. Pretty cool, right!

With the tent insert folded up, you’ve got a cargo bed for hauling anything from a couple of kegs of maple syrup to a 4-person UTV (depending on the trailer size). Then when you want to set up camp, just unload whatever you’re hauling on top and unfold the tent. 

Jumping Jack Tent Trailers set up
Jumping Jack Tent Trailers pop up toy hauler with front porch

Source: Jumping Jack Trailers

Jumping Jack toy haulers are available in a bunch of different sizes too — from a tiny 4’x6’ to a huge 6’x17’. So whatever you plan on hauling, you can get one that’ll work for you. 

And another really cool thing that makes these toy haulers super versatile is that you can actually remove the tent insert. That means you can use it like a normal utility trailer to haul mulch, scrap, or whatever you buy next weekend at the flea market. 

convertabile utility trailer for camping

Source: Jumping Jack Trailers

Check out this video to see some of the Jumping Jack toy haulers up close.

Sylvansport Go

Cargo Space: The equipment rack on the top is perfect for boats and bikes. The lower 48”x84” cargo deck has a 960 lb capacity and can hold dirt bikes and some ATVs.

Sylvansport Go

Source: Sylvansport

If you’ve read some of my other pop-up articles, then you’ve probably already seen this Sylvansport Go. I love it! It’s just so fun, versatile, and dare I say…even a little cute when it’s all folded up 🤣.

This pop-up toy hauler is a nice choice for families with smaller SUVs and crossovers. It’s got a dry weight of just 840 lbs but can carry more than its own weight. And it adjusts to whatever you need to haul. 

When folded up, the tent pod is height adjustable. Need to carry some tall dirt bikes? Adjust it higher. Not bringing anything big this trip? Just keep it lowered for improved wind resistance.  

Then when you’re ready to camp, just unload your gear and set up the tent pod to have sleeping space for up to four people. Plus, there are multiple ways to configure the inside for sleeping, eating, and just relaxing. 

Sylvansport Go ultra small pop up toy hauler

Source: Sylvansport

Check out this Sylvansport Go tour video.

Forest River Flagstaff 28TSCSE

Cargo Space: A huge 105”x84” front deck storage area (big enough for two ATVs). This pop-up has an overall payload capacity of 1844lbs, but it’s unclear how much of that you can load up on the front deck. 

Forest River Flagstaff 28TSCSE floorplan  with space for two atvs

Source: Forest River

This dual-axle pop-up camper toy hauler has one of the largest cargo spaces available — it’s almost 9 feet long! Load it up with firewood, an ATV, 64 pool noodles, a couch…heck whatever you want, it’s pretty much got the space for it.

Other than that, it’s a pretty standard pop-up camper. It’s got two bunks, a slide-out dinette, galley, and a wet bath. 

Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be in production anymore 😥. But since it’s a recent model, you still might be able to find dealers who still have it in stock. 

Watch the video tour here.

But what if you’re the family who likes to go off the beaten path. Here’s a rough and rugged off-road pop up camper with some extra gear hauling capabilities. 

*It’s one of the ones I featured in my 7 Best Off Road Pop Up Campers article.

Opus Campers OP4

Cargo Space: This isn’t for hauling ATVs but it does have a cargo rack with a 500 lb capacity, available Rhino Roof Rack bars, and an assortment of bike and kayak carriers. 

Opus Campers OP4

Source: Opus Campers

The Opus OP4 definitely isn’t your normal pop up trailer. But don’t let its rugged looks fool you — it’s surprisingly luxurious. 

Their unique tent inflation system lets you pop up the trailer in just 90 seconds! And onboard it’s got everything you need to stay off the grid for a few days — sleeping space for up to 6 people, 4-burner stainless steel cooktop, 12V cooler, dual 100Ah batteries, and onboard water tanks. 

And for hauling extra adventure gear, it’s got a versatile heavy-duty cargo rack for carrying bikes, kayaks, coolers, or a stubborn granny in her rockin’ chair.

Opus Campers OP4 interior pics

Source: Opus Campers

Watch this OP4 video and see why it was one of the finalists for the 2021 Camper Trailer of the Year!

Woo-hoo! You did it, you made it to the end of the list!!!👏🎉🍻

Still got a few questions? Here are some answers.

How Much Does a Popup Camper Toy Hauler Cost?

From about $7,000 to $30,000. Most are in that range when they’re brand new and without any dealer discounts or other specials.

For example, the Sylvansport Go starts at just over $10,000. It gives you versatile gear-hauling options and sleeping space for 4. But that’s about it. There’s no bathroom, no galley, no electric.

The same is true for the Jumping Jack pop-up toy haulers. They start at $6,995 for the 4×6 tent trailer and go up to $11,495 for the largest 6×17 trailer. They’re one of the best budget options, especially if you’ve got big toys and don’t need all the comforts of a normal camper.

On the higher end of that range, you’ve got the “normal” pop-ups with toy haulers like the Coachmen Viking V3 which starts at $28,377. A good bit more, but it’s got extra sleeping space, a wet bath, onboard water tanks, a 12,000 BTU furnace, and electric hookups.

So, just consider your budget, the type of toys you’ll be hauling, and how many creature comforts you need while camping.

*If you can’t go without your own bathroom while camping, check out my article 9 Best Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms.

Can I Rent a Pop Up Camper with a Toy Hauler?

Yes, if there’s one available near you. Renting a travel trailer or popup before buying one is a really smart idea. Even if you can’t find the exact model you’re looking for, if you find one that’s similar, it’ll help you foresee any issues you might have with the size or features before buying.

Check RVshare now to find toy haulers for rent.

What About Used Pop Up Toy Haulers?

Buying a used pop up toy hauler can save you a lot of money. Plus, you can look for older models that are no longer in production like the: 

  • Jay Series 12HFD
  • Fleetwood Scorpion
  • Jayco Baja Pop Up Toy Hauler 

Just be sure to go over it with a fine-tooth comb. A used pop up toy hauler can also end up being more hassle than it’s worth. 

Be sure to check:

  • Are there signs of water damage?
  • Are all the hard pieces still sealed well
  • Do you notice any rust damage?
  • Do the ends slide out properly? 
  • Does the lift system work smoothly? 
  • Are the levelers in good condition? 

Pop Up Toy Hauler FAQs

How Much Cargo Can A Pop Up Toy Hauler Carry?

Most can carry at least several hundred pounds (several bikes and kayaks or a small ATV). Always be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications or talk with your dealer. And also, don’t forget to take your cargo weight into account when determining if your vehicle can tow it.

What Kind Of Toy Haulers Are There?

The most common type of toy haulers look like normal travel trailers from the outside. Most have a large door on the back that doubles as a ramp. The ramp leads to an open space in the floor plan where you can haul dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and other gear. 

Pop up toy haulers are a combination tent trailer and toy hauler. Although they usually can’t carry as much extra gear as the travel trailer versions, most can still haul bikes, canoes, and small ATVs.

How Much Does a Toy Hauler Pop Up Weigh?

The Forest River Flagstaff 28TSCSE (one of the biggest on my list) has an unloaded vehicle weight of 3,377 lbs. Combine that with the cargo carrying capacity of 1,844 lbs and you could end up pulling over 5,000 lbs.

On the other hand, the lightest pop up toy hauler on the list is the Sylvansport Go at just 840 lbs.

Can You Convert a Pop-Up Camper to a Toy Hauler?

The most you could probably do is strap some kayaks to the top. Other than that, no. Regular pop-up campers just aren’t made with the strength or space to carry bulky, heavy gear.

Where Ya Gonna Take Your New Toy Hauler?

Are you gonna load up your bikes and kayaks on the OP4 and head for the boonies? Or settle down for a week of fun at the campground in the Forest River Sports Enthusiast?

Whichever you choose, just be sure to get outside and have some fun! 😎

And don’t miss my other super awesome camping articles to make the most of your outdoor adventures as a family!

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