21 Easy Kids Camping Activities (+Free Printable 25 Page Activity Pack!)

campsite sign fun activity for toddler around camp

Keep your kids busy around camp with these fun, easy activities!  Keep a kid busy while family camping with these fun camping activity ideas! These will work for kids of all ages, though it’s primarily for the younger crowd. We’ll check out some fun camping crafts, easy snack options, and little chores to help around camp! Whether you are pitching a tent, or setting up a camper, it is no joke that keeping kids (especially young ones like toddlers and babies) entertained while you get everything done is sometimes really difficult! … Read more

7 UNIQUE (+free!) Camping Scavenger Hunts For the Best Summer Camp Yet! [Free Printables!]

As anyone knows, kids naturally loooovee to explore, and what better way to do that than through a fun camping scavenger hunt! I love them because it allows children to focus on the little details around them, as well as have some fun sensory play too! Sometimes I bring a premade one, but sometimes I sort of scout around, see what’s there, and make one that’s unique for wherever we are camping at! For example, when we camped in Moab, Utah there was vastly different trees and rocks there than … Read more

Cute Camping Craft For Kids: Glowing Camping Lantern (Made from a Water Bottle!)

With winter full force, I am SERIOUSLY missing all of our camping adventures – the campfire, the crafts, relaxing in a camp chair with the sun hitting you… Anyways, with that in mind, I wanted to sort of recreate a fun part of camping (especially for kids!) – the camping lantern! Don’t forget to also check out this massive list of 53+ camping crafts if you’re excited about camping too! Our son has his own mini one that he loves to bring everywhere after dark (and honestly, he even uses … Read more

The 29+ Funnest Kids Camping Toys, Games and Activities of 2022

If you love camping, then it sort of permeates your life – you get camping shirts, camping mugs, camping decor… and of course, if you have kids, fun toy camping sets and toys! I’m not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for camper themed stuff. I’m totally the person that falls for all those cute camping shirts, and the amazing mugs (my husband has one that says “camping is IN-TENTS” LOL!). So, it’s not surprising really that I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of kids camping toys. And OH MY GOSH! … Read more

Rock Rescue Nature Sensory Bin

A fun and easy sensory bin using natural items thats fun for kids of all ages, especially preschoolers and older toddlers! This uses rocks, sand, as well as fine motor skills to retrieve and clean the rocks!

With winter here, and normal outdoor treasures hidden, my guy is seriously having withdrawls! I actually came up with this one by accident – I was working on making a cute glowing campfire craft for our upcoming “camp day” inside, and got down our cup of “special rocks”. We pick up cool looking rocks here and there (spotted ones, funny shapes ones) and since I was making a campfire, I thought a cute rock ring would be perfect! Anyways, I left those rocks out and my preschooler saw them and … Read more

Easy and Fun GLOWING Campfire Craft (Paper Free Upcyle They’ll Love!)

glowing campfire craft

With winter here, you bet I’m already summer dreaming – which led me to make this campfire craft! There are plenty of opportunities for bonfires of course during winter, but it’s just not the same vibe as a campfire.. And this past camping season, my son REALLY enjoyed camping and helping to make them – everything from gathering the kindling, helping to carry the wood we brought, and of course telling stories around it! I really wanted to do some sort of “camping night” at our house once a month … Read more

Hand Print Campfire Craft – A Camping Keepsake!

campfire craft made out of handprints

Baby’s First Campfire Handprint Craft – a keepsake of the best camping tradition! If you love camping, you’ll love this keepsake of baby’s first campfire! Before the kids, my husband and I loved to get out! Hiking, fishing, you name it – if it was outdoors, we were there! Now with three kids, camping has become our go to outdoor activity. It’s cheap, easy (we got a pull behind camper!)  and all the kids are learning to love it. So of course, it’s become a big deal for each kid’s … Read more

DIY Kids Camping Tradition: A Creative Campsite Sign!

camping craft idea for toddlers, making a camp site sign

A new camping tradition to keep the kids busy: A DIY campsite sign! What better way to celebrate an adventure at a new campsite than to have your kids craft their own campsite sign! In the hecticness of setting up camp, my toddler often gets stir crazy and wants to help somehow. Unfortunately, there’s not much a two year old can do when it comes to unpacking and organizing. I needed something that would keep him busy and make him feel like he was contributing to our campsite set up. … Read more

Fun Play Doh Crafts with Items from Nature!

Simple Play Doh Craft with Nature Items (that are super cute!) Play-Doh is a great building material, which is why I love it for crafting and building with items from nature! Like most other households, play-doh is a favorite in ours. However, like most households as well, we burn through a jar every couple of days because my toddler brings it EVERYWHERE. I’m talking stuck on the couch, mashed in the carpet, and some likely even ends up in his stomach (he takes the whole “pretend” food a little too … Read more

DIY Camping Craft Kits + 5 Educational Reasons to Craft while you Camp!

Tons of easy camping crafts, one small bag! (It’s worth packing!) While camping is exciting for everyone, there’s no denying that midday lull where it’s too hot to do much, and this is when I absolutely love to do some outdoor themed nature camping crafts! If I am on a shorter camp trip, it’s not as necessary since the “newness” of camping is still fresh, but once I’m 3 or 4 days in, sometimes it’s nice to break it up! I especially like to bring my camping craft kit if we … Read more