Dandelion Banana Slug Printable

After seeing the most adorable banana slug plushie in the store, combined with the yellow of the spring season, I was inspired to create this simple but adorable banana slug dandelion craft!

There are tons of fun ways to get the yellow out of the dandelions – so let’s check it out!

How To Make Your Cute Little Slug

  1. Download the Template – The free PDF for this guy is at the bottom of the article
  2. Gather the Dandelions – Give your kids/students a bin and have them forage around for dandelion heads. Don’t take too many from one area – leave some for the bees.
  3. Pick the Tools – Leave this open ended! Will they grab a rock? A log to roll the color out? Or maybe they’ll just smash it with their fingers (it feels cool!)
  4. Paint the Banana Slug Yellow! – If you are doing this project on concrete, you may want to consider giving each kiddo a thin piece of cardboard/paperboard so they don’t accidently rub a hole through their paper.
  5. Color + Add Details –
banana slug craft for kids this spring
The cardboard under the picture helps prevent sharp rocks from poking through!
sensory spring ideas dandelion banana slug
The flat surface of the end of the log proved useful (as well as rolling it on the slug!)

Download Your Banana Slug Printable

I hope your enjoy this simple but fun celebration of the brightness of dandelions (and the cuteness of a banana slug!)

banana slug craft with dandelions for kids blank template pdf

Download the PDF Template

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