Adorable Dandelion Stems Hedgehog Craft for Kids

Spring is here, and there are yellow pops EVERYWHERE – but today, we will be using what’s beneath those yellow pops… the stems of the dandelions!

Each spring we do tons of dandelion crafts with the pretty bright heads, but figured… hey, why should the stems miss out on the fun?! So I created this cute crazy “hair” hedgehog perfect for the occasion!

hedgehog craft for kids with dandelion stems for quills

How to Make the Spring Hedgehog

You don’t *have* to use dandelion stems for this cute hedgehog craft – in fact, I even though about doing grasses and other flower stems to make it look more “pokey”. So feel free to use other foliage should dandelions be in short supply or it just makes more sense to use what’s around you!

fine motor practice threading dandelion stems through hedgehog template

Dandelion Hedgehog Craft Directions

  1. Print the Template – The template is located near the end of this post (and it’s free!).
  2. Glue the Template to Paperboard – This helps to ensure that the holes don’t rip while the stems are being stuffed through it. With the hedgehog template glued onto the piece of paperboard, cut out the hedgehog body.
  3. Hole Punch the Holes – If the kiddo is very young, you may need to help them hole punch it as the paperboard can be hard to get through!
  4. Get the Stems In – It’s easiest to gather them all at once, however it’s also possible to gather them along a walk. Each hole holds about 2-4 dandelion stems, and the friction of them crowded in each hole will hold them in without the need for glue or tape.
  5. Trim if Desired and DONE – If you would like the hedgehog to lay flat, you may want to trim the stems in the back of the design or consider leaving them long and taping them down.

Download the Hedgehog Craft Template Now!

This is such a fun craft that is truly applicable to all seasons and many ages (even my 8 year old had tons of fun!). It’s also great for kids fine motor skills – as they add more and more dandelion “quills” to the hedgehog, they will need to be more intentional to fit them all in!

Download the PDF Now

cute spring kids fine motor activity hedgehog with dandelion stems for quills
My girl who loves hedgehogs with her hedgehog!

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