“I’d Pick You!” Cute Printable Nature Craft for Mom or Grandma! [FREE Printable Templates]

If you’re looking for a cute, easy craft with a personal touch for mom or grandma, you’ll love this printable – it’s perfect for things like Mother’s Day!

The simplicity of this craft is part of what makes it so pretty – I did choose to add minimal decor (some burlap and color pop) for my example, but that’s largely up to you/your kiddo!

Here we go!

How to make this nature based Mother’s Day or Grandparents Day Craft

As always, this is just how we did the craft – any way will likely look great!

P.S. there is also a stamp based design should you not be able to access the nature things you need (as I said, we barreeelllyyy had enough here in Wyoming before Mother’s Day)

"I'd Pick You!" Cute Printable Nature Craft for Mother's Day or Grandparent's Day

printable card for grandma with nature

Make this cute nature based card and craft for the mother or grandmother in your life! Choose from the stamp or nature template and make a special, creative card!


  • Free printable template of choice (there is a blank one to glue items to as well as a stamp design for those who prefer it)
  • Background paper (cardstock if possible)
  • Nature Items
  • (Optional) Burlap or brown paper for the decorative stripe on the mason jar
  • (Optional) Stamps for finger stamping flowers


  • Scissors


  1. Print out your template of choice + prep your materials- there is verbiage for both mom and grandma + the choice between a stamp based or nature based bouquet! nature craft for mom or grandma
  2. Glue your template onto the background paper/cardstock - This is just easier to do before you have a ton of stuff glued on that might fall off
  3. Arrange then glue your nature items - This craft looks cuter with some stem, but if you don't have any (and want some)just pull some blades of grass and put it in the bottom of the jar (see following pictures). If you are using the stamp template, just encourage your child to put a fingerprint on each heart! free printable nature card for mom or grandma
  4. Add the burlap with any extra decor - I cut a heart out of the same color paper as the background to add onto my burlap as well as some cute leaf hearts! simple and cute craft for mom with nature items
  5. Here is the finished stamp version as well - fingerprint printable craft for mothers day or grandma


Please download the packet first before asking if mom/grandma is included for a certain design - I can usually track down the design if you need a change, but please make sure it's not already there =)

Get your set of full page + card size templates for this cute nature-y design!

Since spring JUST starts happening around Mother’s Day here in Wyoming, we were a bit limited on what we could use. However, it ended up being pretty fun having to look more closely for those first little signs of spring (like the dandelions, ferns etc)



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