Cute Fingerprint Hearts Flower Printable Gift for Mom or Grandma

If you’re looking for something last minute for Mother’s Day, then you’ll love this cute and FREE gift you can whip up! It has a sweet quote (“I couldn’t WISH for a better mom!”) and is easy to personalize with your kiddos cute little finger stamping!

In fact, you don’t even need an actual stamp pad – we were able to get away with just coloring fingertips!

Anyways, here we go!

How to make a sweet gift for Mother’s Day (or birthdays!)

  1. Print out one of the templates – There is wording for both mom and grandma as well as full-page or card style options
  2. Cut and paste onto pretty background paper – I had some pretty pink cardstock and thought it would be perfect (especially since it matched the colors we wanted to use for the flowers!)
  3. Stamp each of the flower hearts on the template – Have your kiddos use different colors and try to stamp each of the hearts! Don’t forget to have them sign it too!

Download your free fingerprint wish flower template!

As always, this design is for personal use only! =D

Click here to get the Flower Card Template PDF

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