The *Rechargeable* Battery Operated Baby Monitor for Camping Families is Finally Here! (Roar Outdoors Monitor Review)

I’m delighted today to share my review of the Roar Baby Monitor – besides the fact that it is super awesome for what it was made for, it also because it continues to be useful PAST the baby years.

No batteries to remember to pack.

Wire free, no Wi-Fi or phone needed.

Holds a charge FOREVER.

Best of all I was able to tell my kids to be quiet and get back to sleep sleep from the comfort of my camp chair through the monitor rather than having to walk all the way to the camper and back! =P

I was provided the monitors in exchange for a review – I hope you find the review honest, helpful, and unbiased.

What makes it an “outdoor” monitor?

A traditional baby monitor is designed to be used in doors – this usually means either needing to be plugged in or, at a minimum, a couple of batteries for brief unplugged use. However, even though the parent unit can be unplugged, the child unit tends to need to be plugged in.

Now, if you enjoy the outdoors, you know there are some issues that arise when trying to use the traditional baby monitor in your non traditional outdoor setting. No easy place to plug in, carrying batteries is heavy (and hard to remember sometimes), and the range usually leaves something to be desired.

Here are the distinct characteristics that make this an *outdoor* baby monitor

  • Rechargeable battery (and they even include a dual tipped charging cord!) – No joke, you get 20 hours of life out of this. My battery operated one usually got about 3
  • No wires for the parent OR child unit – Usually, if I see wireless advertised, it’s only the parent unit. This allows for way more types of use
  • Rugged + compact – Water resistant, can take ALOT of falls, and has an overall slimmer and lightweight build compared to others
  • Has a purpose built attachment point – I feel confident having this thing hang on my kids belt loop, or on their pack so I can hear them anywhere
roar camping baby monitor rechargable

Review of the Roar Baby Monitor

I still hate to refer to this as just a “baby monitor” but I know this is how people will initially find out about it! After having to use my corded set for the past 7 years, it was so nice to just be able to chuck these into a bin, and have them ready to use when we got there!

I’m terrible about keeping track of wires/chargers, so I loved that the included charger has a double end (to charge both at once and not have to remember to swap!). We went on a camp trip that was 14 hours away from us, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had held their charge even through the below 0 temps and days of no plugging in!

After being tested in both winter use and camping situations, here are some things I specifically loved

  • Super long range – 1,000 feet! That’s plenty to go from your tent to the bonfire, or as I am using it, from my kitchen to anywhere on our land the kids might roam!
  • Fell in the snow and on gravel (and was fine!) – All the exposed ports have a rubber cover over them, so the snow and dirt/gravel wasn’t able to get in.
  • Has a clip and lanyard for the child AND parent unit – If this were only ever used for babies, there wouldn’t be a need for the company to include an extra clip and lanyard, however the versatility it adds having those is super awesome. I clip mine to my oldest kid when he goes outside so I can hear if he needs help while I’m doing dishes/listening to music in the house
  • BOTH parent and child units are rechargeable (and last 20 hours!) – No more lugging around a box of triple As to feed your monitor every camp trip!
  • Metal, durable belt clip – The whole thing feels durable as soon as you touch it, but I love how the clip is metal, and is attached with an actual screw. Most other monitors are entirely plastic and not meant for repeated un wired use
  • 2 way function (like a walkie talkie!) – This saved SO much time in having to get up and tell them something myself! I am able to hear everything and talk to them through the monitor if there’s something small I need to say!

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roar baby monitor

How does it compare to similar baby monitors?

A search on Amazon for “wireless baby monitor” will show a TON of systems that include video or need a signal to work. There are no other truly wireless systems (I classify this as neither parent or child unit needing to be plugged into function), so it’s something to keep in mind when looking at other options.

The cost may catch you off guard – ($150 as of Feb 2023) however if you’re an outdoor family who plans to continue to be in the outdoors even after they are past the baby stage, it’s a good buy.

The next comparable baby monitor is $20-$50, however it cannot go wire free ever… so it’s hard to compare prices. Regardless, here are other bits of info that would be good to know as you shop around.

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outdoor 2 way monitor for kids outdoors

Roar Outdoor Monitor

  • Duration of Wire Free Use – 20 Hours for both units via rechargeable battery. Comes with its own charger that has a dual charging tip.
  • Usability – Both units have a clip and lanyard and are a flat, ergonomic design that could easily fit in your back pocket as well. 2 way function.
  • Durability – No exposed ports
  • Range – 1000 ft
  • Price – $150, includes one year warranty

VTech Baby Monitor Option 1

  • Duration of Wire Free Use – 8 hours for parent unit via rechargable battery, the child unit must remain plugged in
  • Usability – Parent unit has a clip, child unit must remain in place near a power source. No 2 way funciton.
  • Durability – Typical ports for power are exposed.
  • Range – 1000 ft
  • Price $20 (as of 2/23)

VTech Baby Monitor Option 2

  • Duration of Wire Free Use – 3 hours for parent and child unit via Double A Batteries, the child unit must remain plugged in
  • Usability – Parent unit has a clip, child unit must remain in place near a power source. Includes 2 parent units. No 2 way function.
  • Durability – Typical ports for power are exposed.
  • Range – 250 ft
  • Price $50 (as of 2/23)

Is the Roar Baby Monitor a good buy?

For the family who camps/recreates at least a couple times a year outdoors – yes!

The increased functionality and durability of the Roar monitors, as well as not having to deal with the frustrations/costs of disposable batteries, makes this a must for outdoor families. This is especially true if you enjoyed the outdoors pre-kids, and want to be able to still enjoy getting in the outdoors after.

When my kids were babies, whoever got bedtime duty while camping was essentially done for the night. No rejoining the campfire circle with friends/your partner, as the campfire ring is often situated too far from where the kids are sleeping to be able to hear them. This sounds like it’s not a big deal, but to continually miss out on that cherished kid free time outdoors wears on you, and I’ve seen many families decide to “wait till the baby years are done” because of it.

If you only go on one or two major outdoor vacations, it’s probably not worth the money just to have an easier/hassle free camp experience.

However, if you plan on including the outdoors more than that in your family life, the simplicity these monitors will bring over the next 5+ years (yes, we have been using “baby” monitors our kids whole life…. just in different ways) is worth the investment.

Check Out the Roar Outdoor Baby Monitor

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