9 PERFECT Small RV Bathroom Organization Tricks! [Printable PDF]

pdf checklist for rv bathroom ideas to organize

If you love camping but are just about done with having to make an eight point turn just to get into your RV bathroom because of all the stuff everywhere… then I hope some of these ideas to organize that RV bathroom will help you! I am quite a bit smaller than my husband, but even I used to find myself frustrated with barely being able to fit in our bathroom! Not only was it small, but we had to have our stuff PLUS our three kids belongings all stuffed … Read more

9 BEST Camp Chairs of Each Popular Style On The Market (With Video Review!)

Picking a new camping chair can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re someone like me who gets completely lost in Amazon reviews but hates going to the store! BUT, you’re in luck! I got a wild hair in me and visited our local Cabelas to sit in allll the camp chairs! That’s right – the zero gravity camp chair, canopy camp chair, basic folding one, and heck… even the director’s style camp chair (which, even after sitting in it, can’t say I understand!) I have my personal favorite, but I’ll … Read more

SWEET Dodge Promaster 2500 Custom Camper Van Conversion Walkthrough by Josh Phelps of Stinson Vans

dodge promaster van rebuild ideas for decor custom wood work stinson vans

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own converted van and living “the van life” then you’re in the right spot as I got super lucky and was able to chat with Josh Phelps, master van builder and overall cool dude! We are looking to renovate our camper, so naturally started looking on Pinterest. I found that it was the same 50 or so images spread through different websites, and wanted some fresh new ideas! I live in Jackson, Wyoming where vintage campers and beautiful van builds are a little … Read more

43 RV Food + Health Packing Ideas for a GREAT Camp Trip with the Family! [Editable PDFs!]

Do you ever brainstorm a really thorough camping pack list – you know, you either write it down on a scratch piece of paper, or maybe type it in your phone, and it has EVERYTHING you need? Then… you lose it! ? I’ve done that! In fact, as I sit here and type this, I have about 5 lists of various things sitting here on different mediums – printer paper, flashcards, backs of receipts. BLEH! I definitely don’t go camping to deal with more of the same… it’s supposed to … Read more

17 Ways To Break the Ice and Meet Fellow Campers at The Campground

tips to meet new campers when alone

It’s funny how much more people will talk behind a screen compared to actually at the campground – you see on RV forums hundreds of responses to a single question, but when you’re actually out camping, it can feel way different! It’s not anyone’s fault, really – we all get comfortable being able to make a comment without any risk. After all, we don’t ever have to see the person online again, or we could just delete our comment. But this article is for the people who DO want to … Read more

How to Check for A Propane Leak In Your RV (That Works Every Time!)

how to use soapy water to find rv propane leak

Have you ever burned through your propane during a camp trip, and wondered how in the heck you used so much, but don’t want to wait till you get home to check for a propane leak? I got the solution (literally… LOL!) We ran into this problem recently during our two week Utah trip, and actually had to end up using a tank one of our friends brought who happened to be camping with us! My husband told me this trick and it was crazy how good it worked, and … Read more

9 Basic Tools Every RV’er Needs to Carry in their RV Toolbag!!

I don’t know about you, but we’ve had a couple of close calls in regards to our camping trip being ruined if we hadn’t have had certain tools with us! We tend to boondock way more often than use campgrounds, so it’s even worse if something breaks while we’re out! Thankfully, my husband is REALLY handy – I’m not sure if there has been anything in our house (or car!) that has broken that he hasn’t figured out how to fix! I wanted to really learn from him what basic … Read more

How to DIY RV BlackOut Window Covers for Your RV or Camper (NO SEWING Involved!)

foam boards for insulating rv window

Who else loves to nap during the day, but are blinded by the sunlight streaming through those cheap camper blinds, and swear you’ll buy the fancy black out blinds for your camper next time?? But if you’re like me, and super cheap, you probably never do! I have a TON of things in my “Save for Later” section of my Amazon cart, and I can tell you, nice blackout blinds are one of them! This is especially true after our first camp trip of the year with all 3 kids … Read more

27+ DIY Fire Starters That You Can Make At Home (+ The BEST 5 You Can Buy!)

interesting home made fire starter with wine cork and isopropyl alcohol for camping

Starting a campfire is probably one of the highlights of each camp trip – that wood smell, the smoke curling up into the sky, the crackling, and of course all the yummies that come with cooking over it! But you know what is REALLY frustrating? That whole time BEFORE the fire starts, when you’re out of breath from blowing on your campfire, or you’ve used up all your kindling so now you’re ripping pages out of magazines! I’m not going to lie – I’m pretty bad at starting campfires. I … Read more

What to Expect… When You’re Expecting to Buy a Travel Trailer! (+FREE PDF Workbook! )


So you’ve seen all those full time RVers and their awesome pictures, or maybe you’re tired of tent camping, but whatever the reason, you’re excited to make the leap and buy a travel trailer! Here’s the thing – you need to know what to expect, so you don’t go in there and get all starry eyed (like me!) and let the salesmen give you a price that’s more than you should pay! Whenever you’re about to spend a large amount of money, it’s always good to come prepared, stay grounded … Read more