11 Early Pregnancy Symptoms – Heartburn, Cramps and Fever… Oh My!

11 Early Pregnancy Symptoms to Look For the First One to Two Weeks of Conceiving

If you’re actively trying to conceive, you know the struggle of wondering if every little change in your body is an early pregnancy symptom!

I know with my first born, I was googling probably 10 things a day in the couple days leading up to my period – I was so anxious, and wanted to know ASAP if I was pregnant!

With my twins, even with being a second pregnancy, I noticed EVERY. LITTLE. CHANGE. with myself while I was waiting to find out if I was pregnant! However, I will say it was painfully (literally) obvious when I was pregnant with them – think morning sickness intensified by 10! And my positive happened MUCH sooner than with my single!

Anyways, as I think back to signs with my son I know I had a couple of early signs, but I wanted to compile a list for you guys to check with!

Don’t get it twisted – if you are super tired, maybe you just are dehydrated, or if you’re nauseous very early on, maybe you ate bad food!

What I’m saying is, everyone’s body is different. Early pregnancy symptoms manifest in different ways, so what was a definite sign for one woman may be normal or not of importance to you!

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Early pregnancy symptoms felt the first weeks of conceiving

These are symptoms women felt the FIRST WEEK of conceiving… so VERY early pregnancy symptoms! Everyone is probably familiar with implantation bleeding and cramps. It’s when the egg implants in your uterus, and can cause slight spotting as well as varying strength of cramping.

I felt it with my twins, but did not with my son! It just goes to show you every body, and every pregnancy will be different!

Anyways, here are some symptoms women noticed at the very beginning of pregnancy!

Sudden aversion to alcohol

Some women report that they had a sudden aversion to their favorite alcohol that they drank almost nightly! Some said it tasted awful, and others said the smallest sip made them want to gag!

aversion to alcohol early pregnancy
This isn’t me (there will be no personal pictures in this post.. you don’t think to take pictures when you feel like a bus hit you and you can’t stop vomiting!) but I thought I’d pepper in some related photos – in this case, alcohol aversion as an early pregnancy symptom!

Everything has a metallic taste to it!

If your food suddenly taste more metal-y than tastey, you can blame the fluctuation of your estrogen levels (called dysgeusia)! This might level off as your pregnancy goes on, but some women had to even avoid foods they loved because of it!

It definitely happened to me with my twins whenever I ate meat. We cook on cast iron, and even though there was NEVER an issue before, I kept thinking that it wasn’t cleaned right and the flavor cooked into the meat. It was a bummer though, because I desperately craved meat heavy meals but when I tried to eat it I was disgusted!

Urge to sleep differently

It’s like our bodies know to sleep differently with a little one now growing! Women also said that all of a sudden, with no known reason (at the time until they took a pregnancy test!) they wanted to sleep a completely different way than normal!

We all know we have an exact way we like to sleep – for me it was on my stomach with my arms tucked under, so pregnancy kind of kicked that to the curb! To all of a sudden have an urge to sleep different, whether it’s all of a sudden on your back, side or tummy when that is NOT the norm, could be a super early pregnancy sign!

Flu Like Symptoms

This definitely happened to me with my twins, and it has happened to other women with singles as well! High fevers (100+), body aches, and general feelings of awfulness is just how some women’s body react to the change!

I swore I was getting the flu, and it was right before Christmas so I was freaking out! I hadn’t been around anyone sick though, or even out of the house much for that matter, so out of desperation to find an explanation for what was going on I took a pregnancy test just because! And BAM! Pregnant!

flu symptoms early pregnancy sign
You might have THE WORST flu ever… or you might be pregnant!

Sudden Heartburn

While you might think heartburn only starts to happen later on as baby gets bigger and starts to mess with your stomach, it can actually start VERY early!

In order to allow your uterus to stretch for your baby, your body starts making the hormone progesterone which unfortunately also relaxes other things! This includes the valve between your stomach and esophagus that would normally keep stomach acid down!

I know I was popping Tums like there was no tomorrow, ate VERY small meals and NOTHING spicey to try and avoid this! Sadly this didn’t help (not to scare you!)

Sore boobs

This is kind of a common one, but I wanted to include it because it’s often associated with later pregnancy signs! Some women who really keep track of their ovulation and such said they noticed having sore breasts TWO to THREE DAYS after implantation! Holy cow!

It’s often hard to get excited about this one because it can also be a period symptom, so be cautiously optimistic with this sign!

Changing Nipple Color

Look for a light to dark ring starting to form around your areola! While I didn’t check this in the beginning, I can say that your nipples definitely change in color and appearance near the end of pregnancy!

It’s not surprising that this happens at the start!


Maybe it’s our brains already thinking about the new change, or maybe it’s just on overdrive creating an new tiny human! Whatever the reason is, some woman said that around one week after implantation they all of a sudden couldn’t sleep and even had restless leg syndrome!

I hope this doesn’t happen to you so early in your pregnancy – sleep is a hot commodity as you get bigger and more uncomfortable

Extreme Sense of Smell

This is another symptom associated with later pregnancy signs, but some women (including myself) noticed this very early on!

I know this extreme smell thing was way more intense at the start, and kind of leveled out near the end For me, the smell of goat milk normally was great, then I got pregnant and it made me gag, and at the end of the pregnancy it kind of bothered me but I was alright!

Turning Purple “Down There”

With all the activity now going on, there is increased blood flow to the area which means a more purple hue down below!

This is why some women also say that sex is amazing during pregnancy (no matter how awkward it sounds) –  increased blood flow seems to mean increased sensitivity!

Get a mirror and see what’s going on!

While I didn’t check this at the start, I do know I was told by my OB to check at the end as an early sign of labor. But the area to check was higher up in the area right before your butt crack (I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of an elegant term for that). I was told that as the baby moved further down into the position for delivery, the bloodflow increased there as my body got ready and things got tighter!

ALREADY needing to pee all the time!

This is one that you’ve heard women complain about in movies, from friends.. .everywhere! While you might assume this is from the pressure of your growing baby on the bladder (and it definitely is a major reason later on!) The pregnancy hormone hGc makes you have the urge to pee even if you don’t have to!

needing to go to the bathroom alot early pregnancy symptom
You might see ALOT of this if you are in fact pregnant!

Did you have any weird early pregnancy symptoms? Add it in the comments!

I LOVE hearing about all these symptoms! While I will hopefully never be pregnant again (not that I wouldn’t embrace it should there be an “oopise”) – I love revisiting that period of nervous excitement! I still don’t miss the extreme vomiting and body pain though! Just know that it could be a sign of the start of something wonderful – pregnancy!

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  1. I just found out I was pregnant, and my strange symptom is the need to clean EVERYTHING. Like on my hands and knees, scrubbing the floor, using Clorox wipes on any place I put my hands, and keep the laundry done. For me, this is not normal 😂

  2. I’m possibly a first time mom, and all these symptoms applied. I’ve been totally different these past few weeks, but this help me narrow down my options. Thanks for the relatable article! Very helpful

  3. I noticed my early pregnancy signs before my missed period and they’re not weird though but different from my first pregnancy like no morning sickness but am fatigued a lot ..


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