25 Amazing Camping Meals for Kids to Take Your Campfire Cooking to the Next Level

Let’s be honest, camping with your kids makes for some pretty sweet memories. Now let’s be realistic, camping with your kids and trying to whip up delicious and easy camping meals without missing out on all the fun, can be pretty much non-existent! It doesn’t have to be this way. A good starting point is coming up with some camping food ideas. What does everyone like? The usual suspects: Hot dogs, BBQ chicken, and burgers? Or should we add some flair: pepperoni pizza pudgy pie, skillet lasagna, and walking tacos? … Read more

11 Best Tips for Winter Camping With Kids that Everyone Enjoys!

snowball fights

The end of the summer months doesn’t have to mean an end to camping. Sure, a dip in the lake may not be an option in the winter months, but there are still a ton of ways to enjoy winter camping with kids. There’s a different sense of adventure and survival that goes into winter camping. Anyone can handle that easy summer camping…right? 😂 If you can survive winter camping with kids, you are a modern-day Daniel Boone.  I actually prefer certain aspects of camping in colder weather. There are … Read more

48 Top UNIQUE Camping Gifts for Campers & Hikers | 2022

Need to get a special gift for that special camper on your list? Look no further. Here are 48 of the best camping gifts for campers, hikers, backpackers, and any other outdoorsy people in your life.  And don’t worry…this isn’t just a list with a bunch of personalized coffee mugs and boring items you can find on just about any other gift list for campers.  (Camping-themed mugs can make nice gifts though!) On this list of gift ideas, I want to show you some genuinely cool presents that campers will … Read more

9 Best Kids Hiking Boots and Shoes | Footwear That Can Take a Beating

hiking inspiration point

Who better to ask about the best kids hiking boots than “The Beast” herself?  Well, since “The Beast” is just shy of her 6th birthday, I had to go ahead and ask her mom.  “The Beast” is the trail name given to young Juniper Netterburg.   Juniper recently completed all 2,193 miles of the Appalachian Trail (AT) at the age of 4 (Yes 4!) alongside her mom, dad, and 3 older siblings. “The Beast’s” mom Danae, was kind enough to give me the rundown on how their hiking footwear performed on … Read more

Cute S’more Themed BINGO Cards for Your Next Camping Party!

printable smore bingo

If you love all things camping, then you’ll love this cute set of printable s’more BINGO cards for some extra fun at your next camp out! With our 3 kiddos being s’more-holics, I’ve been having alot of fun making themed games whenever I get a chance. So, whether you’re having a camping party or just want something extra fun to do at camp, here are these cute printable s’more bingo cards! S’mores… with cute EMOJI FACES! Teens have been loving the emoji + selfie camp scavenger hunt, but I wanted … Read more

Camping Selfie + Emoji Photo Scavenger Hunt [Free Printable PDFs]

Whether it’s summer camp, the family camp trip, or just something fun to do as a family, these camping selfie and emoji scavenger hunts are sure to change up the “traditional” camping scavenger hunt! We all know kids get to a certain age where cutesty things aren’t cool, so I thought I’d make a “cooler” scavenger hunt to try out at your next campground! Don’t forget to check out my full guide that includes 27 Camping Activities Your Teen WANTS to Do if you’re trying to brainstorm things to do … Read more

27 Fun Teenage Camping Activities + Games (No More “I’m BORED!”)

teen summer camp ideas selfie challenge

Camping with teenagers can either be super enjoyable or feel like you’re pulling teeth anytime you try to get them to do something. Don’t worry, I’ve got ‘ya covered! Here are 27 fun teenage camping activities and camp games. I’m sure you’ll find AT LEAST one they love!  Something to keep in mind when planning these camp activities is that teens love to use their phones… I mean like a lot. I know not all of us grew up with them, and some families even ban them at camp! However, … Read more

7 Leave No Trace Principles Printable PDF Worksheet For Kids!

More people are spending time outdoors backpacking, hiking, and camping, which is why it’s more important than ever we all learn how to “Leave No Trace”… and what better way to learn than with this free printable Leave No Trace worksheet for kids?? Our outdoor activities can really take a toll on mother nature – litter, polluted water sources, effects on wildlife, and even wildfires. Don’t you just hate seeing campsites and trails littered with garbage!? To help combat our negative effects on mother nature, the Leave No Trace Center … Read more

Printable Camping Journal for Kids This Summer! [+DIY Binding Instructions!]

kids camping journal laid open

If you’re looking for a great way for your kids to create even more special memories at the next family camp trip, then you’ll love this awesome kids camping journal! While I have designed many styles of kids camp journal, this one is for *one* big long trip (up to 7 days!) – so it’s perfect for the yearly camp vacation or family get together! You could also just print one out for each trip too so they stay organized. For a bit more fun, I intertwined elements of a … Read more

Fun + Engaging Printable Hiking Journal for Kids [FREE printable hike logs!]

If you love hiking with your kids and are looking to remember them forever (as well as get some handwriting and observing skills) then check out this cute DIY printable hiking journal for kids! Something I looooove about making my own binders for our adventrues is that I can modify it have as little or as many pages I need – so if your kiddo loves sketching or picture taking, print off a few extra of those! Or if you guys goes on ALOT of hikes, print more hiking log … Read more