FREE Printable Romantic Camping Coupon Book (16 Coupons Perfect for Valentines!)

If you camp often with your partner, then you’ll know there are certain tedious tasks that each person is responsible for…. so why not be romantic and make their day extra special by giving them this camping coupon book!

I’m sure you’ve seen coupon books for a variety of different things – some for kids, some for typical house chores, however, I wanted one for fellow campers who get out alot and have camp chores!

I know I HATE unloading the perishables and doing the laundry every time we come back, and if my husband really wants to earn some brownie points (or just make things less stressful for me!) he could do those!

After thinking of a few chores I really disliked, I asked one of the bigger RV groups I’m in their least favorite camp chores and came up with this cute little coupon book!

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Pssst… don’t give this out without being ready to commit to the coupons! If you realllllly need to… take a couple out that you just won’t do (hubby does the black tank stuff, and I think I’d only do that if he was physically incapable of doing it anymore. So if you’re reading this.. sorry =P)

romantic camping coupon book for couples

What are some of the fun camping themed coupons in this romantic book?

Well, when I say romantic, I mean more of it’s nice that your partner would do the action for you, not that the action is romantic itself!

Here were some of the least favorite camping tasks you can do for your honey to let them relax!

  • Make the camper bed
  • Unclog the camper toilet
  • Black and gray tank dump
  • After trip camper clean out
  • Day off picking up the dog poop
  • Strip the camper bed
  • Clean out the grill
  • Night off taking the dog out to pee
  • Clean out the “stinky slinky”
  • Dishes free day
  • Day off dealing with the trash
  • Clean and prep outdoor mat for departure
  • Put the perishables away after the trip
  • Day off maintaining the campfire
  • Day off prepping the camper slides for departure
  • Clean out the camper fridge
  • + two blank cards to fill in with your partners’ least favorite camp chore you’ll do for them!
camping coupon book for spouse or partner
There’s a front and back cover too in this cute valentine camping gift for couples. <3

Save your money and print out this couples’ camping coupon book!

You don’t have to include ALL the coupons, but it’s a sweet gesture and everyone deserves a little break from camp chores!

Just cut out the coupons, then the cover piece. Fold the cover piece over the coupons and staple. Walah!

I’ve heard of a cool trick to make these tear out coupons – get a sewing machine and sew across the edge (with no thread!) to create a perforation!

nice things to do for husband or wife rv camping
romantic camping ideas for rv couples

Here are some more romantic camping ideas!

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