13 Best Travel Trailer Brands (#4 is Barely Known!)

Shopping for a travel trailer can be incredibly overwhelming. There are so many brands out there and it’s hard to know which ones provide trailers that will last. 

Having a list of reliable brands that you know will provide a great travel trailer can help you narrow down your search.

So, I’ve researched, relied on personal experience, and found the 13 best travel trailer brands out there based on criteria from customer service to interior comfort. No matter the size of the company, all of these travel trailer brands will provide you with an excellent travel trailer that you can rely on.

best travel trailer brands

What are the Best Travel Trailer Brands?

Let’s just jump right in…in no particular order, these are the 13 very best travel trailer brands out there–from large corporations to family-run businesses:

  1. Taxa Outdoors
  2. Grand Design RV
  3. Airstream Travel Trailers
  4. Thor Industries
  5. Oliver Travel Trailers
  6. Forest River RV
  7. Lance Travel Trailers
  8. Black Series Campers
  9. Winnebago Industries
  10. Scamp Trailers
  11. Opus Trailers
  12. Aliner Trailers
  13. Bigfoot RV

To learn more about these brands, please keep on reading. I’ll go through all the criteria that make a travel trailer company great, as well as give you an in-depth look into each brand I’ve mentioned.

Side note here–a great way to test out the quality of a travel trailer is through RV rental. You can easily rent a travel trailer from RVShare so you can test a travel trailer brand out for yourself before buying!!

best camper brands

Does It Really Matter What Travel Trailer Brand I Buy?

Yes! I wouldn’t recommend buying a travel trailer based on brand alone, but it is a very important factor in choosing the right travel trailer for you. RV brands vary a TON in the quality of products, the value you get, the level of customer service offered, and loads of other areas. 

So you want to make sure you’re picking an RV from a company with a great reputation.

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That’s why it’s super important to do your research, read real reviews, and get to know the brand you’re buying from before you make this big investment. The brand of RV does matter, but you’ll also want to make sure the features inside are just what you’re looking for as well.

What Makes a Great Travel Trailer Brand?

Before we get started, let’s look at the criteria I used to select the best travel trailer brands. If you’re doing shopping on your own, just make sure you have some of these expectations and standards in mind when choosing a travel trailer company to purchase from.


The best travel trailer brands out there will be very reliable. Basically, what this means is that no matter what travel trailer you choose from their line, it’ll have excellent quality and last a long time without too many problems. 

One way to tell that a travel trailer manufacturer is reliable is if you see a lot of their old models still on the road today. This means that those trailers have passed the test of rigorous RV life. However, this isn’t always applicable since there are plenty of new travel trailer start-ups that produce really high-quality trailers.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important things to research when comparing different travel trailer brands. Having great customer service means that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that if anything at all goes wrong after you purchase your RV, they’ll help you take care of it. 

Other than mechanical malfunctions, having customer service even just to ask questions about your new trailer is an amazing resource. 

customer service cat GIF

All the best travel trailer manufacturers will have a direct number you can call to get in touch with someone. Customer service especially stands out in the smaller companies, where you might even be able to speak directly with the person who designed or built your trailer! That’s why I’ve included so many smaller travel trailer manufacturers on this list.


Having a wide selection of models and floorplans may be really important to you. Maybe you have really specific needs for your new travel trailer, or you just want options to shop from. 

A lot of really great RV manufacturers will offer up to a dozen different floorplans on a single model, or total customization on the inside so you have a lot to choose from.

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Comfort is one point that many travel trailer owners overlook their first time purchasing an RV. Remember, you’re going to be living inside this vehicle–even if just for a few days at a time–so comfort should be a top priority. 

All the best travel trailer brands ensure that the inside of the travel trailer is as comfortable as possible. This could mean lots of seating options, large beds, or all the amenities you need. 


No matter your budget, you’ll want to make sure that the travel trailer you’re buying is reasonably priced. If you have a smaller budget, that shouldn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice the quality of the travel trailer. 

Cheaper travel trailer manufacturers are out there that still offer all of the above criteria–their trailers may just have fewer amenities or special specs. 

expensive season 3 GIF

The same goes if you have a larger budget–you want to make sure you’re not just paying money to have fancy features in your travel trailer. You should also ensure that the brand will provide you with a functional and high-quality design with excellent customer service.

Tailored to Your Camping Needs

The best travel trailer company for you will make travel trailers that align with the style of camping you like best. Some travel trailer manufacturers specialize in certain types of camping: for example, toy haulers, four seasons, off-roading and boondocking

So, if you’re interested in a specific camping style, make sure you find a travel trailer manufacturer that makes trailers tailored to what you’ll be using them for.

13 Top Travel Trailer Brands

Okay, now let’s take a deep dive into the very best travel trailer brands. I have them all down below (in no particular order, of course). 

Underneath each brand, I’ll give you a background of the company, and why owners say it’s the best! Then, I’ll show you some of the best travel trailer models from each brand so you can get a feel for what they offer.

Taxa Outdoors

Small sustainable brand with hugely unique trailers

Taxa Outdoors
Source: taxaoutdoors.com

Company Background:

  • Started in 2009
  • Made by hand in Houston, Texas
  • Popular for overlanding

Why This Brand Is One of the Best:

  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • High-quality materials
  • Transparent build process

TAXA Outdoors is all about transparency, sustainability, and functionality. TAXA’s CEO formerly worked for NASA. He brings those functional and efficient design elements into their trailers–and it really shows. Their 7 trailers models all have really awesome designs and customization options to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible out on the road.

taxa outdoors american made camper
Source: taxaoutdoors.com

TAXA Outdoors sources all of their building materials sustainably, and all the trailers are built one by one at their facility in Houston. 

They also have an excellent customer service setup. If you go to their website, you can schedule a meeting to talk to an expert about their trailers to see which is best for you. They also have a direct line to speak with customer service, or you can schedule a meeting time with a representative.

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Popular Travel Trailers this Brand OffersCricket and Mantis

cricket best camper from taxa outdoors
Source: taxaoutdoors.com

Here’s the video tour:

Source: taxaoudoors.com

Here’s the video tour: 

Grand Design RV

Reliable travel trailers and great customer service (and we personally agree – below is our Momentum 21g that WE LOVE!)

grand design

Company Background:

  • Started in 2012
  • Manufactured in Indiana

Why This Brand Is One of the Best:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Warranty provided on each trailer sold
  • Rigorous inspection process

Grand Design RV was started in 2012 by three former executives at a very large RV manufacturer. The execs felt they had lost touch with the customers and employees, and wanted to start a smaller company that was based around a personal connection with employees, dealers, and customers.

Grand Design RV’s trailers may look similar to a lot of those from much larger RV manufacturers, but they’re still a small company. They have one warehouse in Indiana where they manufacture all four of their travel trailer models–with varying floorplans for each. Each trailer is put through a rigorous inspection process so you know that you’ll be receiving a reliable trailer. 

quality control for grand design rvs
Source: granddesingrv.com

The company also really values high-quality customer service, so they’ll be in contact with you before, during, and after the buying process. You’ll also get a guaranteed 3-year warranty on any RV purchased from them at no extra cost. 

Popular Travel Trailers This Brand OffersImagine and Reflection

Here’s a tour of the 2670MK floorplan: popular grand design layout
Source: granddesignrv.com

Here’s a tour of the 2670MK floorplan:


grand design reflection tour
Source: granddesignrv.com

Here’s a tour of the 315RLTS floorplan:

Airstream Travel Trailers

Iconic retro-style travel trailers at a price

airstream travel trailer
Source: airstream.com

Company Background:

  • Started in 1931–one of the oldest travel trailer manufacturers
  • Known for its iconic aerodynamic aluminum design
  • Made in Jackson Center, Ohio

Why This Brand Is One of the Best:

  • Their travel trailers are built to last
  • Uses recycled materials
  • Low maintenance and ownership costs

Airstream is one of the oldest travel trailer manufacturers that’s still around today. They have been making travel trailers since 1931 and are now owned by Thor Industries. 

Each Airstream travel trailer made in their Ohio factory takes around 350 hours to complete. (Average trailers take about 50 hours). Their craftspeople and design team put tons of effort into ensuring the trailers will be super reliable.

airstream manufacturing process and quality checks
Source: airstream.com

And the commitment to quality really shows with Airstream–75% of all the Airstreams ever manufactured are still on the road today. (That’s compared to the average lifespan of about 15 years for a regular travel trailer). When you buy an Airstream you can be totally sure that it’ll last a lifetime. 

Keep in mind that all that quality comes at a cost. Their smallest trailer, the Bambi, is going for at least $56,000 at the time I’m writing this. However, Airstream also has the lowest maintenance and ownership costs and highest resale value of any travel trailer manufacturer.

Popular travel trailers this brand offersClassic and Bambi

classic airstream 33fb
Source: airstream.com

Here’s a tour of the 33FB floorplan:

small quality airstream bambi
Source: airstream.com

Here’s a walkthrough that compares the different floorplans:

Oliver Travel Trailers

Small company making high quality 4 seasons fiberglass trailers

oliver travel trailer
Source: olivertraveltrailers.com

Company Background:

  • Started in 2007
  • Known for 4 seasons fiberglass trailers
  • Made in Hohenwald, Tennessee

Why This Brand Is One of the Best

  • Made with four fiberglass shells
  • Personalized education and paid-for first night for buyers
  • Built to last

Oliver Travel Trailers are very high-quality fiberglass trailers built for four seasons living at the Oliver factory in Tenessee. All the trailers are made with four shells, two inner and two outer, that give you excellent insulation. 

very well insulated quality travel trailer oliver travel trailers
Source: olivertraveltrailers.com

The customer care given by Oliver is unbeatable. Once you’ve selected your trailer, you’ll head down to the factory in Tenessee. Oliver employees will lead you through a personalized class on your own trailer. Then, they’ll pay for you to camp your first night at one of two local campsites so you can be sure there are no issues with the trailer. After that, they’ll ship it to you for free! 

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Popular travel trailers this brand offersLegacy Elite

oliver travel trailer
Source: olivertraveltrailers.com

Here’s the tour:

Forest River RV

Huge selection of budget-friendly options

Source: forestriverinc.com

Company Background:

  • Started in 1996
  • One of the largest RV manufacturers in the U.S.

Why This Brand Is One of the Best

  • Huge array of travel trailers to choose from
  • Multiple manufacturing sites mean you won’t have to wait to receive your trailer
  • High-quality standards and inspection process

Forest River RV started in 1996 and has grown to be one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America. They have a huge array of everything from Class A motorhomes to tiny trailers. All-in-all, they offer a few dozen types of trailers, all with tons of different floorplans so you have a lot to choose from.

forest river camper factory
Source: forestriverinc.com

Plus, since they’re such a large company, they have several manufacturing centers. Unlike some smaller companies where you might be put on a waitlist to get your trailer, there are dealers all over the country with tons of Forest River trailers in stock and ready to go.

Popular Travel Trailers This Brand Offers Flagstaff E-Pro and Cherokee

Flagstaff E-Pro
Source: forestriverinc.com

Here’s a video tour of the E19FDS floorplan:

cherokee forest river camper review
Source: forestriverinc.com

Here’s a video tour of the 2022 Cherokee 274BRB: 

Lance Camper

Lightweight trailers with luxurious interiors

Lance Camper
Source: lancecamper.com

Company Background:

  • Started in 1965
  • Known for truck campers but recently ventured into travel trailers

Why This Brand Is One of the Best:

  • Lightweight, reliable four seasons trailers
  • Guaranteed 2-year warranty on every camper
  • Gorgeous, comfortable interiors

Lance Camper started in 1965. They’re famous for making truck bed campers but started manufacturing travel trailers in 2009. The longevity of their truck campers (most of which are still around) is really a testament to the design quality and thought put into each camper they make.

lance camper interior view
Source: lancecamper.com

They currently have a line of 11 different travel trailers. All of their trailers are ultra-light and are built for four seasons weather. What really stands out to me with Lance is the quality inside the trailers. 

They just look super comfortable, but still chic and modern inside. They have a comparable price range to other large manufacturers, but I think the interior design of these trailers is what makes them special. 

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Popular Travel Trailers This Brand OffersLance 1475 and Lance 2075

lance 1475
Source: lancecamper.com

Here’s a quick tour:

lance 2075

Source: lancecamper.com

Here’s the tour:

Black Series Campers

Rugged off-roading trailers with super unique designs and luxury features

best off roading camper brand black series
Source: blackseries.net

Company Background:

  • Started in 1995
  • Known for super unique off-roading trailers
  • Based in Australia, China, and the U.S.

Why This Brand Is One of the Best:

  • Off-grid trailers with awesome features
  • Built to last with super high-quality construction
  • Transparent build and quality control process

One look at a travel trailer from Black Series and you know it’s a special brand. Their rugged trailers are built to go off the road and off the grid. They currently have a line of six different trailers, all packed with features that help you stay outdoors longer. 

They’ve got solar panels, large water tanks, an armored chassis, and an independent suspension system. Anything you can think of to put on an off-road trailer, they’ve got it.

best off road camper brand
Source: blackseries.net

And you won’t have to sacrifice comfort when you’re in the great outdoors. They put a lot of effort into ensuring that the interior is super comfortable and that you’ll have all the amenities you need like showers, toilets, and refrigerators. 

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Popular Travel Trailers This Brand OffersHQ12 and HQ19

HQ12 black series
Source: blackseries.net

Here’s the walkthrough: 

Source: blackseries.net

Watch the tour: 

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Winnebago Industries

Diverse lineup of reliable trailers for any camping style

Source: winnebago.com

Company Background:

  • Making campers since 1961
  • Known for reliable campervans and towables
  • Also owns Grand Design RV and Newmar

Why Winnebago Is One of the Best:

  • Reliable–one of the oldest brands still on the market
  • Versatile lineup of campers
  • Widely known as an industry standard for RVs

If you’ve heard of any RV brand, it’s probably Winnebago. They’ve been around a while and have consistently produced high-quality travel trailers and campers since they began in 1961. Now, Winnebago Industries owns Grand Design RV, Newmar, and a few boat companies. Their RVs are considered an industry standard so you can be assured they’re high quality and hold value really well.

Winnebago quality standards
Source: winnebago.com

Other than their reliability and value retention, the best thing about Winnebago’s trailers is the diverse lineup. A lot of travel trailer companies’ trailers all look pretty similar, but Winnebago has a trailer for you no matter what you need. From an off-road capable ultra-lightweight two-person trailer to a luxury camper that sleeps six.

Popular Travel Trailers Winnebago OffersMinnie

minni winnebago
Source: winnebago.com

Here’s a walkthrough of the 2500FL floorplan:

Armadillo Trailers

Family-run business making ultra-cute and practical fiberglass trailers

Armadillo Trailers
Source: armadillotrailers.ca

Company Background: 

  • Started by two brothers
  • Based out of British Colombia, Canada
  • Known for fiberglass shell travel trailers

Why Armadillo Trailers is One of the Best

  • Cute and classic round fiberglass design
  • Very small family-run business with excellent customer service
  • Excellent amenities and interior personalization options

If you’re looking for a high-quality fiberglass trailer with all the amenities, Armadillo might be your best bet. The company was started by two brothers in British Colombia and operates on a very small scale. Each trailer is made to order and they have amazing personable customer service. 

armadillo trailer interior view of quality
Source: armadillotrailers.ca

The trailers are made of a lightweight fiberglass shell. Inside, they pack a lot of amenities into a small space. You can totally personalize the trailer adding an air conditioner, water heater, toilet, shower, and any other amenity you think you may want. They currently offer two trailers: the original Armadillo and the BACKPACK, which is a bit larger.

Armadillo’s TrailersArmadillo and BACKPACK

armadillo camper
Source: armadillotrailers.ca

Here’s a tour of this original model:

armadillo camper backpack version thats bigger
Source: armadillotrailers.ca

Here’s a quick tour:

Scamp Trailers

Affordable lightweight trailers with a classic fiberglass design

scamp trailers
Source: scamptrailers.com

Company Background:

  • Started in 1975
  • Known for classic fiberglass trailers that haven’t changed much since the brand’s start
  • Headquartered and manufactured in Backus, Minnesota 

Why Scamp Trailers Is One of the Best: 

  • Smart floorplans
  • Super lightweight
  • Long-lasting and holds value very well
  • Tons of repair info and materials available — large and loyal owner community

Up there with Airstream, Scamp trailers are among the most recognizable campers out there. They’ve been around since 1975 and the design hasn’t really changed much since. Scamp makes three sizes of durable fiberglass trailers. They have an ultra-light 13’ model up to the Scamp 19’ which will sleep 6.

scamp trailer interior
Source: scamptrailers.com

Scamp Trailers is a truly reliable company, and it really shows through with how long their trailers last. Scamps sold when the company first started are still around today and hold value really well. Inside, you get smart floorplans that really maximize the small area. Keep in mind, that the interior won’t be anything fancy. But for the quality and reliability you get, these trailers are super cheap.

Popular Scamp TrailersScamp 13’ and Scamp 16’

scamp 13
Source: scamptrailers.com

Here’s a tour: 

scamp 16 foot
Source: scamptrailers.com

Here’s a walkthrough:

Opus Camper

Low profile trailers designed for off-roading

opus camper
Source: opuscamper.us

Company Background:

  • Started in 2009
  • Based in Australia
  • Known for making great off-roading trailers

Why Opus Camper Is One of the Best:

  • Lightweight 
  • Super easy to setup
  • Durable trailers built to last
  • Gorgeous, comfortable interiors

Opus Camper has trailers designed to withstand the harsh Australian Outback. They make two super unique popup campers and one model of a “hybrid” caravan. Their hybrid caravan is designed to have a super low profile and pops up at the campsite with an extra 6 inches of headroom.

opus camper lightweight and durable
Source: opuscamper.us

Each trailer is fitted with some gorgeous and comfortable amenities. They have bamboo cabinetry, full outdoor kitchens, and tons of extras that allow you to stay off-grid for longer. The trailers are ultra-lightweight, but super rugged and will be able to go wherever your towing vehicle can take you.

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Opus Campers’ Travel TrailerOP15

opus op15

Source: opuscamper.us

Check out the walkthrough: 

Aliner Campers

Small, lightweight A-frame trailers

Source: aliner.com

Company Background:

  • Started in the 1970s
  • The original A-frame camper
  • Based in Pennsylvania

Why Aliner Campers is One of the Best:

  • Lightweight campers
  • Fits into small spaces
  • Range of campers for campground camping and boondocking

Aliner was started in the ‘70s and was the first A-frame trailer on the market. While Aliner’s RVs are technically pop-up campers, they’re more similar to a small travel trailer as they have hard sides. 

The unique A-frame design allows the trailers to be super small and lightweight, but you still get standing room where you need it. When driving, the camper looks kind of like a regular pop-up camper. Then, when you park, the middle pops up to give you that classic a-frame shape.

a frame pop up sides
Source: aliner.com

Aliner currently has several different models, though all are approximately the same shape as the Classic model. The differences in the trailers are mostly in what they’re built for. Aliner makes trailers for casual camping trips, along with trailers for off-grid adventures.

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Popular Aliner Travel Trailers: Aliner Classic

Source: aliner.com

Here’s the tour: 

Bigfoot RV

High-quality fiberglass trailers with great amenities

Bigfoot RV
Source: bigfootrv.com

Company Background:

  • Started in 1978
  • Based in British Colombia, Canada

Why Bigfoot RV Is One of the Best: 

  • Lightweight, solid construction
  • High-quality, residential-style furnishings
  • Works for paved campsites and off-road dry camping

Bigfoot RV is known for its durable, high-quality travel trailers that hold value really well. They’re built with two layers of fiberglass to keep the trailer warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

On the inside, you get residential-style furnishings to really make it feel like a home away from home: solid oak cabinets, a real mattress, and a large fridge. As far as fiberglass trailers, it doesn’t get much more high-quality than Bigfoot RV.

bigfoot rv
Source: bigfootrv.com

They currently have a line of three different models of trailers. Each has tons of add-on options like toilets, showers, and anything else you need to stay comfy out on the road.

Popular Travel Trailers from Bigfoot RV: B17FB

bigfoot rv B17FB
Source: bigfootrv.com

Here’s a quick tour of the 2019 model: 

Travel Trailer Manufacturer FAQs

Which brand of travel trailers is the best?

Among the best brands of travel trailers include Forest River, Scamp Trailers, Taxa Outdoors, and Airstream Trailers. All of these manufacturers offer excellent value and customer service. However, the brand of travel trailers that’s best for you will depend on your needs.

What is the best-selling travel trailer brand?

Jayco Inc. is the best-selling travel trailer brand and has been for the past 14 years. This is because Jayco offers a diverse array of models and floorplans, and has expanded to sell their trailers at distributors all over the United States.

Which is the worst travel-trailer brand?

Some of the worst travel trailer brands include Coachmen, Coleman, and Keystone RV. All of the above consistently receive poor reviews from owners, claiming inconsistent quality.


Maybe the Taxa Outdoors Cricket stood out to you with its unique design and off-grid capabilities. Or, you’d rather pick from a bigger company with a larger selection, like Forest River RV. Whatever your choice, now you know which travel trailer brands out there can provide you with excellent products and service. Happy shopping!!

And remember, if you want to try before you by, check out RVShare to rent a travel trailer near you for a weekend getaway.

If you’re ready to start shopping, check out my lists of the very best travel trailers out there:

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