9 Hidden Spots in Your RV You Need to Remember to Clean [PDF Checklist]

rv deep clean checklist

If you’re like me and your RV cleaning typically looks like a wipe and sweep, then you probably need a good mid season deep clean like we did! In the chaos of use, unpacking and repacking it’s pretty easy to do that quick wipedown and sort of forget about these other spots! I know I tend to look over things because I’m so used to my cleaning routine that I’m almost on auto! However my husband does have a more keen eye, so we put together a list of spots … Read more

11 Most Helpful Outdoor RV Products That You Don’t Need… But Will Make Your Camp Trip WAY Nicer!


There’s a lot of lists that include all those “must haves” for your RV – so if you’re looking for that, you won’t find it here… however, that doesn’t mean you won’t LOVE these outdoor RV products that, while aren’t necessary, can really improve your camping experience! I recently wrote an article about 13 indoor RV products that were extra (but awesome) and it has had a pretty good response (who doesn’t love to camp in comfort??) so I thought I would include these 11 outdoor RV products that you’ll … Read more

27 Must Haves for your Camper on a Budget!

So you took the dive, and you bought a camper! But now you need to stock it, and everything really adds up – how can you save money and do it as thrifty as possible? Thrift stores! My favorite thing ever is finding deals at thrift stores, and I wanted to go over some things that are just better to buy used than to spend money on. When we were deciding what camper we wanted, we were really torn in between buying an older one and renovating it, or buying … Read more

10 of the Highest Rated RV Parks in California!

crystal cove state park california camping

Top 10 RV parks in California No matter where you are in California, you are likely to see stunning and breathtaking landscapes. The Southern part of California is the cream of the crop and many outdoor enthusiasts love to sample what this region offers. The rugged mountain peaks, the gorgeous warm beaches, the buzzing city life, and the expanse wilderness are attractions that you will enjoy when you visit this state. When you are looking for an RV park in California, you need to take some time because it can … Read more

FREE Printable Romantic Camping Coupon Book (16 Coupons Perfect for Valentines!)

If you camp often with your partner, then you’ll know there are certain tedious tasks that each person is responsible for…. so why not be romantic and make their day extra special by giving them this camping coupon book! I’m sure you’ve seen coupon books for a variety of different things – some for kids, some for typical house chores, however, I wanted one for fellow campers who get out alot and have camp chores! I know I HATE unloading the perishables and doing the laundry every time we come … Read more

9 Most Romantic Camping Gifts + 19 FREE Camping Valentine Printables!

If you’ve been camping for awhile, you’ve probably tried to think of ways to have dates, or make things a bit more romantic, especially when things like Valentines or Anniversaires come up while camping! You can’t exactly just do things like you do at home, especially when it comes to more intimate affairs. After all, the camper rocks, and there’s sparks to think of should you bring the party outside! With Valentines coming up, I probed the minds of one of my favorite RV groups and I WAS NOT disappointed! … Read more

25 RV Features People Wish They Would Have Thought Twice About Before Buying!

check for these rv features when buying

If you are a current RV/trailer owner, then you know how many little things seem to pop up AFTER purchasing that are just plain annoying! And you wonder why in the heck didn’t you try it out or think of it before you bought it? The truth is that sometimes the excitement of getting a camper is overwhelming and we tend to forget to think about all the little details – this is even more true for soon to be full timers or first time buyers! I compiled a list … Read more

Beautiful Camping Journal Review – 201 Pages, Full Size and all Color!

national parks camping journal list

If you’re looking for a pretty, non worklog feeling camp journal, then I have some great news for ya – I’ve got the first full color, full size (8 1/2″ by 11″) camp journal out there! It actually all started as making some more printables (all my articles with printables end up doing well… we all like free camping stuff!) and I was looking for some inspiration. I didn’t have any printable camping journal (I do have a very simple template here, but it’s nothing like my book) and knew … Read more

19 FREE Christmas Camping Printables (Wall Art, Cards and Tags!)

christmas camping printable decor free

If you love vintage looking camping paired with beautiful Christmas quotes, then you’ll love this set of 19 Camping themed Christmas printables! In searching for some new camping themed wall art, I kept happening upon that darn red truck! I know it’s super cool, but I really had a hard time finding much else in designs that were what I wanted (equally vintage looking campers!). I wanted the look, but couldn’t find any images I loved that I could purchase to make a card… so I found fabric, took pictures … Read more

21 Pretty Christmas Camper Decor Ideas (for all sizes of campers!)

living room view camper christmas

If you happen to be camping (or living in!) your RV during Christmas, you’ll love these Christmas camper decor ideas to really get in the spirit! Just because you are in a smaller space DOESN’T mean that you can’t still have fun with things (inside and out!) There are plenty of small trees, hanging trees and other ideas as well as tons of Christmas themed camp decor too! I got inspired by a couple of people I saw in the various RV groups I’m in on Facebook and felt like … Read more