9 Things You NEED To Know Before Boondocking in Your Camper!

campsite leprechaun canyon

Although boondocking is not for everyone, it is certainly one of the best ways to experience RV traveling! You get to unplug and in the process (no cell service sounds terrible at first in this age, but it is a great mental break from social media!) sample some of the most amazing spots and pristine scenery you’ll ever see! The scenery, isolation and mental reset all sound great, but keep in mind that boondocking does require a bit more prep than camping in a “normal” campground with hookups. In this … Read more

Pretty DIY Spring Camping Wreath

I’m excited to show you guys an amazing tutorial from Raechel Johnson today on how to make this BEAUTIFUL spring camping wreath! As I’m writing this, we’re right in the midst of the corona virus outbreak (and hopefully when I read this months from now we’ll be done!) but on the bright side, the snow is melting and spring is coming (and so is camping!) I saw Raechel post this beautiful wreath in one of the FB camping groups I’m in, and I just wanted to know how it was … Read more

FREE Printable RV Camping Log Pages For Your 3 Ring Binder!

color camping journal printable templates

If you’re a paper person like me (who has terrible memory too!) then print yourself off some of these FREE RV Camping Log pages! Blank lined journals are OK to use in a pinch… but I personally love having a special spot and specific place to write all my camping memories! We like to bring ours with us so that we can write it down at the end of the night. Today I have two sets of RV camping log pages – one black and white (color ink is expensive … Read more

The Ultimate RV Camping Checklists for 2022 [9 Free Printable PDFs]

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If you just bought an RV and are now looking for a checklist of everything you need to go camping, you might be a little intimidated… but don’t worry! I’ll break down everything you need to get to camping! Not going to lie, this RV checklist can seem pretty big, but the good news is that once you get everything in place, you shouldn’t need to buy new things for your RV very often! We personally bought ALOT of stuff used. This helped us save a lot of money on … Read more

29 Best Camping DIY Projects EVER!

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If you prefer to DIY your camping gear as much as possible, you’re in luck – this is an ENORMOUS list of all the best camping DIY projects I could find! I know that I love to do it myself before buying it (well… unless it’s a remodel, which we did terrible with and I would pay for that!) when it comes to various camping gadgets. Spring is ALMOST here, but I’m just getting stir crazy and want to start making stuff! After looking at wayyyyy too many tutorials, I … Read more

Building + Camping With a STUNNING Custom Teardrop Trailer

custom teardrop trailers to buy

Today I am beyond excited to give you guys the scoop on a DIY teardrop builder (owner of Odyssey Teardrops) who is truly a master of his craft! Robert Carlson (if you are in RV Facebook groups, you’ll recognize his trailer… it’s hard to forget!) has been a lifelong builder, and I was very fortunate to be able to get the full details on why and how when it comes to building a teardrop trailer from scratch! Now, this isn’t going to be exact directions (Robert will hopefully be coming … Read more

9 Hidden Spots in Your RV You Need to Remember to Clean [PDF Checklist]

rv deep clean checklist

If you’re like me and your RV cleaning typically looks like a wipe and sweep, then you probably need a good mid season deep clean like we did! In the chaos of use, unpacking and repacking it’s pretty easy to do that quick wipedown and sort of forget about these other spots! I know I tend to look over things because I’m so used to my cleaning routine that I’m almost on auto! However my husband does have a more keen eye, so we put together a list of spots … Read more

11 Most Helpful Outdoor RV Products That You Don’t Need… But Will Make Your Camp Trip WAY Nicer!


There’s a lot of lists that include all those “must haves” for your RV – so if you’re looking for that, you won’t find it here… however, that doesn’t mean you won’t LOVE these outdoor RV products that, while aren’t necessary, can really improve your camping experience! I recently wrote an article about 13 indoor RV products that were extra (but awesome) and it has had a pretty good response (who doesn’t love to camp in comfort??) so I thought I would include these 11 outdoor RV products that you’ll … Read more

27 Must Haves for your Camper on a Budget!

So you took the dive, and you bought a camper! But now you need to stock it, and everything really adds up – how can you save money and do it as thrifty as possible? Thrift stores! My favorite thing ever is finding deals at thrift stores, and I wanted to go over some things that are just better to buy used than to spend money on. When we were deciding what camper we wanted, we were really torn in between buying an older one and renovating it, or buying … Read more

10 of the Highest Rated RV Parks in California!

crystal cove state park california camping

Top 10 RV parks in California No matter where you are in California, you are likely to see stunning and breathtaking landscapes. The Southern part of California is the cream of the crop and many outdoor enthusiasts love to sample what this region offers. The rugged mountain peaks, the gorgeous warm beaches, the buzzing city life, and the expanse wilderness are attractions that you will enjoy when you visit this state. When you are looking for an RV park in California, you need to take some time because it can … Read more