4 FREE Nature Scavenger Hunts [Color, Senses, ABC, Traditional]

If you love going outdoors for a good nature scavenger hunt with the kids, I have four fun outdoor scavenger hunt ideas for you today – color, senses ABCs, and of course a traditional one!

Each one is better suited for different age groups (IE the picture one is best for little kids while the written ABC one is fun practice for older kids!)

These nature scavenger hunts are fairly general, so they should fit most areas. However, if you find there’s something that isn’t in your area, just sub it for something that is!

Let’s go over these four scavenger hunts!

I’ll also include the “premium” versions that are extra pretty and colorful!

You will be able to sign up to download your four free scavenger hunts at the bottom of the post!


Five Senses Nature Scavenger Hunt

This nature senses scavenger is perfect to do with little kids for sensory exploration or for big kids on their own (a couple are a bit challenging!)

All five senses are covered – sight, touch, sound and smell… and all nature themed of course! Make sure for the “Taste” portion to let your child know to not actually try something, but to just imagine what might be tasty for each one listed.

free nature senses scavenger hunt

Traditional Nature Scavenger Hunt

This traditional scavenger hunt is fun because it can be played a couple of ways! I like playing it like BINGO for my really little kids (it’s much easier to find four, especially since I’ve left three spots open for you to fill in for them).

The blank spots can also serve as cool local items you fill in or you can leave them blank and see what your kids come up with! Be sure to read outloud if your kids aren’t at a reading level yet.

At the very bottom is a box for something they found that they especially loved that wasn’t on the list.

outdoor scavenger hunt printable
free printable outdoor scavenger hunt

ABC Nature Scavenger Hunt

This is one that is DEFINITELY for the older kids or with assistance from an adult! It encourages some creativity to come up with something in nature for each item!

If you would like some ideas of what to fill in (if you intend to prefill this for a younger child) my camp themed ABC scavenger hunt is pretty similar!

outdoors abc hunt printable
abc hunt for outdoors

Colors Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

I LOVE this one for my toddlers – not only do we get to engage in some fun coloring practice (trying to pick the right color and color in the lines) but we also get to hold up the sheet to something in nature and find matches!

color outdoors printable
color outdoors hunt

Are you ready to find some cool “nature treasures” and have some fun as a family?

I sure hope so – most of these can be adjusted to work for any age group!

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Some more fun outdoorsy kid fun!


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