Fun and Engaging Printable Kids Camping Journal [25 Pages + Free PDFs]

kids camping journal diy

Camping with kids can be pretty darn fun, but if you’re looking to get even more out of the experience check out this 25 page fun printable kids camping journal! After camping with 3 kiddos (and let’s be honest… writing about camping with kids for yeeaarrss!) I’ve created a perfect camp journal for kids that is both fun and educational! On top of the obvious ability to be able to journal their camp experience, kids can also be inspired to explore nature around their campsite through scavenger hunts, sketch prompts … Read more

4 FREE Nature Scavenger Hunts [Color, Senses, ABC, Traditional]

nature scavenger hunt printable

If you love going outdoors for a good nature scavenger hunt with the kids, I have four fun outdoor scavenger hunt ideas for you today – color, senses ABCs, and of course a traditional one! Each one is better suited for different age groups (IE the picture one is best for little kids while the written ABC one is fun practice for older kids!) These nature scavenger hunts are fairly general, so they should fit most areas. However, if you find there’s something that isn’t in your area, just sub … Read more

DIY Summer Camp 101 at Home (with printable lesson plans!)

If you’re needing some structure during summer I’ve created a fun 5 day summer camp activity (badges included!) that will teach your kids some camping safety and how tos through activities and play! Each day of the week will have a theme and multiple options to participate in it including crafts, worksheets, or actually doing the real thing! This is chock full of educational camping activities since, as we all know, kids learn best through play! Here’s what this DIY Summer Camp activity line up looks like – Monday – … Read more

Camping Weather Cup Craft for Kids (turn it to see the weather!)

If you’re looking for an extra fun element to add to your next camp week or indoor campout, try making this camp weather cup craft to see the weather! This is part of a five day indoor campout activity that I’m working on – I’ll make sure to put the link to the main article once it’s all done! I have made both a tent and camper version of this craft so that you can pick whichever one best suits your indoor campout play! Check out how to make this … Read more

Fun Camping Themed Sensory and Matching Game [Free Printables]!

If you’re looking for a fun sensory activity to add to your camp week or indoor campout for the kids, try out this fun camping themed sensory and match game! This is part of five day indoor campout activity, but it is also just a fun stand alone game! I’ll make sure to add the link to the camp out post when it’s done, but for now I am just going to add all the components! =) The game is simple, but there’s tons of opportunity for sensory exploration! How … Read more

Camp Story Sticks Craft for Fun Camp Pretend Play!

camp story sticks craft camp week

If you’re looking for a fun popsicle stick and pipe cleaner camp craft with the kids, try making a few of these camp story sticks! We were creating bridges and things with our popsicle sticks and pipecleaners, then I decided to try to make a butterfly because my girls love them. We then made a little story about the butterfly, where he flew, etc and they loved being able to hold the butterfly the whole time we were story telling. Then it hit me… I could make a whole set … Read more

The Ultimate Kids Camping Activity Basket (from the Dollar Store!)

camping activity basket for kids cheap from the dollar store

If you’re going camping with the kids, and are nervous if they’ll even like it, then you need something extra fun to make is super special like this ultimate kids camping activity basket (that won’t break the bank!) There are tons of things for kids to do camping, and I’ve definitely written about it extensively! But if you’re the kind of person who wants to buy it and go, then I got you covered too! There’s definitely been times where I didn’t feel like printing anything, planning anything… I just … Read more

27 Fun Camping Charades Prompts! [Printable PDF]

camp charades printable

If you love camping games, then you’ll love this set of camping charades! We always use camping as a time to reconnect to one another – this is especially true if we have no cell signal! It’s sort of a blessing in disguise for us! If we can’t scroll our phones (which unforuntately tends to be a default sometimes) in our downtime, we hang out alot more and try to find other ways to occupy ourselves. I played alot of charades as a kid, and figured that my own would … Read more

53 Favorite Family Campfire Songs [PDF Printables!]

crackle crackle little fire tune of twinkle twinkle little star campfire song

There’s no better way to connect and smile than singing campfire songs as a family, whether that be actually around the campfire or while doing something fun like going on a nature hike! And if you’re like me and don’t want to have to learn something COMPLETELY new, then you’ll love these campified classic kid songs! They are all to a tune that you (and your child) probably already know and they are pretty catchy! So start warming up your singing voice and check out these 27 super-fun campfire songs … Read more

“Happy Camper” Cute Kids Footprint Craft [Free PDF Template]

happy camper footprint craft

If you love camping, then you’ll love this cute “I’m a happy camper” footprint craft to do with your kids! I’ll provide the template, and you just need to provide cute kid foot prints! I’m SUCH a fan of footprint/handprint crafts for my kids because it’s so easy to forget how small they were! Just this weekend I held a little baby and her little feet were so tiny.. it was crazy to imagine all of mine were like that! Anyways, I obviously love any camp themed craft, so this … Read more