DIY Sliding Bin for Outdoor RV Storage Compartments (pics included!)

If you have a travel trailer and have struggled with how best to utilize that weird, long outside storage compartment then you will love today’s quick DIY!

I LOVE all the Facebook RV groups because of the plethora of information and DIY’s shared – today’s comes from C. Prachar, and she is sharing how she whipped up a simple but effective solution to all that weird, almost unusable storage space.

What you’ll need to make this handy storage bin for your camper

  • Sheet of 1/2″ plywood
  • Varrying # of 2x4s (enough to make a track on both sides that extends the full length of the storage space)
  • Industrial strength rollers
  • Paint to match camper (optional)
  • L Brackets
  • Hooks to hold the bin in place while in transit
Yield: 1

DIY Slide Bin for Outdoor RV Storage Compartments (pics included!)

organizing the outdoor bin in your camper

Make better use of that outdoor storage space in your RV with this roll out bin idea from fellow camper C. Pracher! You will need to measure to find the exact amount of 2x4s you need as well as the amount of L brackets/dividers you'd like.

Prep Time 20 minutes
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes


  • 1 Sheet of 1/2" Plywood
  • 2x4s for tracks
  • L Brackets (varies by size)
  • UHMW for tops of track
  • Set of Industrial Rollers
  • Small Handle
  • Hooks to hold in place while in transit


  • Drill
  • Saw


  1. Clear out your work area - this bin design is intended for campers with long storage spots like this! clear out storage compartment in camper
  2. After taking measurements, assemble the box itself diy for slide out storage bin in rv
  3. Use L brackets to secure the dividers in position. Make sure to know what you're going to store here so that they will be the right size! use l brackets for dividers in storage bin
  4. Add the wheels to the corners of the bin (make sure they are an industrial pair like this so that they can handle the weight!)
  5. Attach the handle and paint it to match the color scheme of your camper how to make easy storage bin for outdoor compartment in camper
  6. Using the 2x4s, making a track that goes the full length of the compartment and secure with L Brackets. Add this UHMW Tape on top so that the wheels glide easier! making a track inside storage compartment
  7. Add the hooks to the ends of the bin to stop it from moving around as much while in transit hook to hold bin in place while travling in camper
  8. organizing the outdoor bin in your camper

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  1. looks like a very easy project with great potential! When it is extended out…looks like about 75%, what keeps it in the tract?


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