Natural Cold Remedies I LOVE

My favorite natural cold remedies to get to feeling better!

I love using a good natural remedy to try before having to waste precious time going to the doctor! Even better, I try to boost my immune system to stop the sickness before it starts! I’d love to share some of my favorite at home idea to help or even prevent your cold this season!

Don’t get me wrong; there is a time and place for a doctor! However, a lot of times it may be a virus you have, in which case there is nothing that can be done besides to let it run it’s course! Assuming it isn’t too bad, these things can help your symptoms, or boost your immune system!

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Elderberry Syrup for Cold Remedy

I absolutely love this! It tastes good, fairly easy to make (assuming you have access to dried elderberries) and works well! If me, or anyone else I know gets sick, I whip up a batch of this stuff! It does have to be refrigerated, but I find it last at least 2-3 weeks. Also, you don’t have to take it just when your sick! You can take it as a preventative measure as well. It has actually been proven to reduce both the length and severity of a cold according to this study

I take 1/2 tsp a day for preventative measures, and 1 tsp every couple of hours if I am sick!   The recipe is here! 

Elderberry syrup for a cold
My jar of dried elderberies I keep handy! If you don’t have time or the ingredients at home, check out the highest rated elderberry syrup HERE (I’ve bought it when life was too crazy with 3 under 3 to make something!)




Cayenne for Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Yes, you heard me right! You should drink something BURNING to make your already burning throat feel better! As well as being a natural pain reviler, it’s anti inflammatory properties make this a must to add to any sore throat remedy! I love brewing some sort of sore throat tea, then sprinkling some cayenne pepper in to the absolute highest amount I can drink it at. Some prefer to just gargle it; either way, I find immediate relief. It feels like the path it travels down my throat is instantly not near as painful as it was before.

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Add it to you tea to your limit of spiciness you can drink, or add way more than that and just gargle it!

Cayenne pepper for home remedy for cold
Cayenne Pepper – Don’t over do it and make your tea unusable!!


Raw Honey for Natural Sore Throat and Sickness Remedy

RAW honey is a well known remedy for sickness and inflammation. According to this compilation of studies “Experimental research illustrated more documents supporting its usage in wound healing because of its bio activities including antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activities.” It’s great to keep around the house; not only does it taste WAY better than the syrupy stuff in the bear containers, but it’s so easy to incorporate into your daily diet!

If I am sick, I make sure to add it to my tea, have it with toast, or even eat it straight! 

Honey for natural home remedy
My favorite local honey!

Oil of Oregano for Natural Sickness Remedy

This is something I take at the first tickle of the throat, or achey body! If you can’t find it in your local health store, just order it on line. It doesn’t taste the best, but you won’t regret taking it! I personally prefer to mix it with a small amount of water, but others just shoot it straight!

According to this site, “It is thought to work by destroying the cell membranes of bacteria and stopping them from replicating. What makes the carvacrol in oil of oregano particularly interesting as a natural antibiotic is that it is shown to destroy harmful bacteria while keeping helpful probiotic bacteria intact.” Pretty cool!

Take 1 dropper full every 4 hours or so until you feel better!


Garlic Mullen Oil for Natural Ear Infections Remedy

At only around 10-12 dollars, this Garlic Mullen Ear Oil was AMAZING for my kiddos (and me!) Instead of dosing up the kids with antibiotics, we started to use this and found they were more comfortable and seemed to heal better! Our son didn’t react well (the runs!) to anti biotics, and we did a search on line for alternative treatment. Lo and behold, this gem popped up. It’s a must that I even take with me when we travel. I had the chance to try it myself last year, and the warmth from it made my ear infection instantly less painful!

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How does it work? It helps stop and destroy germs and bacteria in the ear, as well as control inflammation!

Here’s what I do; get 3 drops for a kiddo, or 5 for an adult and warm it up in the dropper. Use it 3 times a day until your better!

This ear oil has INSTANTLY brought comfort to both my and my childrens ears! It’s something I always try first before bringing my kids to the doctor for ear infections! And it’s worked EVERY TIME!


RAW Apple Cider Vinegar for Cold Remedy

I am a big fan of doing little things daily to prevent something major, and taking a table spoon of Raw ACV is something that I should do every day (I do forget often!!) ACV helps to alkalize the body, which helps kill bacteria and viruses. As soon as you start feeling sick, drink up! It is very important to get it “raw” as this has the “mother” in it (the floaty stuff you’ll see at the bottom) The mother is  similar to the “scoby” in kombucha;  it is a colony of beneficial bacteria that helps in tons of ways; one of them being fighting sickness! This is a definite cold remedy to keep around!

1 Tablespoon a day for preventative measures (I prefer to dilute it, as it’s very acidic for your teeth! And it taste awful!)

2 Tablespoons if you’re sick!




Garlic + Ginger Tea for Natural Cold Remedy

I have not tried this, but my husband loves it! According to this site it is highly antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal, garlic has been used for centuries in natural medicine as a natural antibiotic. Fresh garlic is always best over dried/powdered garlic. My husband chops some garlic up along with ginger and boils it on the stove top. Then he just adds water and keeps drinking it through out the day!

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Do you guys have any natural cold remedies you love? Let me know!



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2 thoughts on “Natural Cold Remedies I LOVE”

  1. I love the ear oil. It saved my son from antibiotics, after being diagnosed with an ear infection. We now use it as preventive when he gets congested to avoid them all together.
    How do you give/ get a young toddler to take the oregano oil. Can you put in in dinner food? Is it safe for babies?

    • Hi Amy!
      Yes, I love the oil for ears! I use it myself! I feel like anti biotics are an answer for everything sometimes. Not that there isn’t a time and place for them, but it’s good to try other methods first!

      I wouldn’t recommend giving a toddler or baby oregano. I found conflicting information on it – it seemed many parents felt ok applying it to the feet (diluted in a carrier oil) however internal use requires a specific type and has the potential to be harmful.

      Just to be safe, I’d say no. You can of course ask a trusted doctor or homeopathic person you know! I’m curious what the thought is on it now! The articles I found were all a little dated, which is why I’m being cautious!


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