The Ultimate RV Camping Checklists for 2022 [9 Free Printable PDFs]

If you just bought an RV and are now looking for a checklist of everything you need to go camping, you might be a little intimidated… but don’t worry! I’ll break down everything you need to get to camping!

Not going to lie, this RV checklist can seem pretty big, but the good news is that once you get everything in place, you shouldn’t need to buy new things for your RV very often!

We personally bought ALOT of stuff used. This helped us save a lot of money on the basics such as kitchen and organizational items. That way we could have more for travel or for buying the things that were important to us or more of a “luxury”.

I will include my premade RV camping checklist you can print as well as each list item. That way you can copy and paste what you want and make your own RV camping lists!

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Before we start – here’s a fun way to use your checklists!

If you’re someone who likes to keep organized in all aspects of your RV life, then you may be interested in creating and binding your own custom camp journal – complete with a layout design planner to make things easier!

Not only are there the standard RV checklists, but also options to add in things like journal entries, travel logs, maintenance, milage logs and more!

P.S. If you’re tent camping, I created a tent camping specific checklist packet here!

checklists in rv camp journal

Trailer Hook-Ups RV Checklist

This is probably the only checklist RV owners will have to buy new, and pretty darn quick – a lot of these items are necessary for RV travel.

  • ⬜ Sewer hose
  • ⬜ Freshwater hose
  • ⬜ Power cord adapter
  • ⬜ Black/dark color hose for black tank
  • ⬜ Rv Manual (You won’t have internet access everywhere should you have a question!)
  • ⬜ Water pressure regulator
  • ⬜ Wheel chocks
  • ⬜ Propane
  • ⬜ Rubber gloves
  • ⬜ Water filter
  • ⬜ Wye fitting for hoses
  • ⬜ Emergency brake cable
  • ⬜ A connector to reduce 50 amp to 30 amp
    and vice versa
  • ⬜ Jack and/or ramp
  • ⬜ Tire iron
  • ⬜ Tire Gauge
  • ⬜ Level
  • ⬜ Leveling Blocks
  • ⬜ Spray bottle with bleach water (for hooking up to fresh water)
rv camping checklist for trailer needs

RV Tools to Keep on Hand

Probably one of the most important RV checklists that you won’t realize the importance of until something breaks! This is especially true if you plan on full-timing or traveling long distances since there isn’t always cell service or a repair place nearby (that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!)

Check out this article to see all of our exact RV tool recommendations (with links!) We have three little kids, so we definitely are sure to be very safe and prepared in the tool department!

  • ⬜ Screwdriver w/multiple tip sizes and types
  • ⬜ Needle nose pliers
  • ⬜ Electrical tape
  • ⬜ Zip ties
  • ⬜ Duct tape
  • ⬜ Hammer/saw/hatchet
  • ⬜ Bungee cords/ratchet straps
  • ⬜ Folding shovel
  • ⬜ Small step stool/ladder
  • ⬜ Extra extension cords
  • ⬜ Torque wrench
  • ⬜ Tire plug kit/rv tire jack
  • ⬜ Flashlights
  • ⬜ Extra hitch pin
  • ⬜ Extra fresh water tank cap
tools to keep on hand for camper checklist

Outdoors Camp Gear

All you really need are some chairs and a way to start a fire… but these are all nice to have if you want to slowly add on to your collection!

I compiled a list of RV outdoor gear upgrades here if you want to see some deluxe stuff!

  • ⬜ Entry mat
  • ⬜ Camp Chairs
  • ⬜ Charcoal/lighter fluid/lighter
  • ⬜ Firewood
  • ⬜ Bug Spray
  • ⬜ Citronella Candles/Insect Repellent
  • ⬜ Patio Lights
  • ⬜ Bicycles
  • ⬜ Outdoor extension cord
  • ⬜ Portable grill
  • ⬜ Sunscreen
outdoor rv checklist

RV Kitchen Checklist

  • ⬜ Crock pot or Insta pot
  • ⬜ Cast iron
  • ⬜ Griddle
  • ⬜ Coffee pot
  • ⬜ Trash bags
  • ⬜ Dish soap
  • ⬜ Ice chest
  • ⬜ Food/Drinks
  • ⬜ Spices
  • ⬜ Utensils
  • ⬜ Can opener
  • ⬜ Pots/Pans
  • ⬜ Silverware
  • ⬜ Hot pads
  • ⬜ Dish towels/Dish Rags
  • ⬜ Plates/Bowls/Cups
  • ⬜ Paper plates
  • ⬜ Picnic table cloth
  • ⬜ Pitcher
  • ⬜ Small trash can
  • ⬜ Paper towels/napkins
  • ⬜ Foil/Ziplock bags
  • ⬜ Wine bottle opener
  • ⬜ Bottle/can opener
  • ⬜ Can/bottle koozies
rv kitchen checklist

RV Bathroom Checklist

Depending on how far you’re going and if you’re going to use the shower in your RV, this RV camping checklist should be pretty easy!

We don’t often use our shower for short camping trips, and on long trips we try to pepper in some hotel showers as an excuse to explore town. If you plan on using yours often though, make sure you got the basics (+ some medical items!)

  • ⬜ Soap
  • ⬜ Toilet Paper
  • ⬜ Toiletries
  • ⬜ Sun screen
  • ⬜ Towels
  • ⬜ Band Aids
  • ⬜ Eye Drops
  • ⬜ First Aid Kit (make sure to include Benadryl)
  • ⬜ Feminine Hygiene Products
  • ⬜ Extra hair ties / pony holders
  • ⬜ Any personal medications
  • ⬜ Copy of insurance cards
  • ⬜ Tote to carry items to shower
rv bathroom checklist

RV Bedroom Checklist

  • ⬜ Bedding
  • ⬜ Pillows
  • ⬜ Hangers
  • ⬜ Clothes/pajamas
  • ⬜ Outdoor clothes/hiking boots
  • ⬜ Water shoes
  • ⬜ Swimsuits
  • ⬜ Beach towels
  • ⬜ Hats/Sunglasses
  • ⬜ Flip flops for shower
bedroom in camper checklist

Other RV Needs

Here are some miscellaneous things to think about bringing to your camper!

Two things I want to point out – the surge protector you’ll need for your RV when hooking up to campsites is NOT the one you use at home! RV Surge Protectors like this are built for RVs that often plug into new power sources. They monitor for spikes and will auto shut off if they detect something dangerous!

Secondly – Always bring a checkbook! A lot of campgrounds don’t accept credit cards (especially the ones out of cell service) and you never know if you’ll be out of cash (ATM machines are hit or miss in small towns). We have used it as a last resort a couple of times when our other methods of payment fell through!

  • ⬜ Surge protectors
  • ⬜ Batteries – various sizes
  • ⬜ Extra Plastic Bags
  • ⬜ Card/Board Games
  • ⬜ Books
  • ⬜ Quarters
  • ⬜ Small laundry soap/dryer sheets
  • ⬜ Paper/Pen
  • ⬜ Broom / dust pan
  • ⬜ Throw rugs
  • ⬜ Checkbook (in case campgrounds don’t take cards and you don’t have cash)
  • ⬜ Copy of insurance papers
  • ⬜ Rope/clothes pins
  • ⬜ Command strips
  • ⬜ Extra fuses
  • ⬜ Spare bulbs indoor & out
travel trailer misc checklist

RVing with Babies/Toddlers

There’s going to be way more gear now than when they get older, but it’s worth it to still go out and adventure! At the time of writing this, I have a four year old and two year old twins!

Try to keep in mind that there’s a minimal amount of baby stuff you need to bring on a camping trip with young kids. But you can usually pack a few extra items that will make camp life waaaaay easier with your young child!

All you REALLY need are the meds + diapers and wipes… but after camping with three babies now, I will say that all the stuff below that helps ALOT!

Here we go!

  • ⬜ Diapers and Wipes
  • ⬜ Rash Cream
  • ⬜ PJS / Daytime Clothes
  • ⬜ Thermometer
  • ⬜ Infant Tylenol
  • ⬜ Safe Sleep Situation (Bassinet, cosleeper etc)
  • ⬜ Carrier
  • ⬜ Favorite toy or lovie
  • ⬜ White Noise Machine
  • ⬜ Monitor
  • ⬜ Bottles and/or Formula
  • ⬜ Bottle Cleaning Gear
  • ⬜ Hat and/or Sunglasses
  • ⬜ Potty Chair if applicable
  • ⬜ Camp Highchair
  • ⬜ Camp Bouncer
  • ⬜ Camp Pack N Play / Containment Area
rving with kids checklist

RVing with Pets Checklist

We don’t have any, but have camped with A LOT of dogs! Here’s a list of things you don’t want to forget if you want a successful camp trip with the pets!

  • ⬜ Stakes/lead
  • ⬜ Leashes
  • ⬜ Poop bags
  • ⬜ Bedding
  • ⬜ Food/water bowl
  • ⬜ Food
  • ⬜ ID tags/Vaccination tags
  • ⬜ Copies of vacs records
  • ⬜ Fencing/gates
  • ⬜ Kennel
rving checklist with pets

Leave in the comments any items you think I should add to these checklists!

I want these to be the absolute most helpful RV checklists around, so help me improve them by letting me know in the comments anything I’m missing!

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This includes camping with babies/toddlers and animals!

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